Monday, January 16, 2012

the help

loved this book.

loved this movie.

more than that i loved the message.

maybe message(s) is more fitting.

each chapter re-read,

each scene watched again

there is something else there.

my heart breaks our country lived this way.

my heart breaks some still harbor those feelings.

as we celebrate MLK, Jr today may we also stop

and think about the condition of our own hearts.

how the condition of our hearts affects our actions.

how our actions affect others.

maybe old aibileen knew more than anyone ever gave her credit for.

that famous quote holds so much good.

may we ensure we practice that everyone is precious in the eyes of God.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

i heart hearts

last year i resisted the urge

going the entire valentine season with nothing more than a snack size pouch of the sugary goodness....

this year, let's just say the moon didn't even rise on jan 7th and these were in the cart and on their way home, sat on the counter for all of 5 minutes before being busted open

see i really can't even buy them because this is what happens

i could try and fool you and myself saying that i would ration them out over the next 6 weeks of the season of love... but then that would just be a big fat lie.

they will be gone. sooner rather than later.

brach's why do you make these?

Friday, January 6, 2012



as we move into the weekend after a full week back at work

i am drawn to reflection about my new years resolution to be more intentional

more intentional specifically about how i can use my life to bless others

my prayer this weekend is that the lord would open my eyes and my heart to someone else's needs instead of continually focusing on the needs of myself

to be able to "do something good today"

as julie encourages us all to do and by the way she is really good at blessing others

(if you are follower of joys hope you know this and if you aren't you are missing out on one cool momma chick)

i wonder what i will "see" this weekend

when you align yourself and open yourself up to be part of His plan

it is amazing what is revealed

i am excited and ready

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 a year of intention

each year i try to choose a word to focus on for the year... a word that will help me better guide my choices and accomplish the goals set before me... last year the word was ~ simplify ~

so in 2011 i simplified my life. i gave myself permission to say no without guilt and shed all committments except what was most important in my life: my faith & my family. the task ahead was huge and it didn't happen over night... it was a process being able to not "do it all"even though if i was honest i never really did it all anyways, i just did alot. and "alot" left me exhausted, worn down emotionally and just plain tired. this word ~ simplify ~ had radically changed my life... and it hasn't been the same since. i saw things i had never noticed before and developed a deeper relationship with my savior and from that was able to hear His voice like never before.

2012 i am drawn to the word ~ intentional ~

intentional in how i spend my time, how i share my resources and how i follow my God. i want to be intentional and make this life count. join me on this journey as we share what we learn.... what is your word this year?