Friday, June 29, 2012

friday faves

its been a while since i did a friday faves post.... 
here a few of my favorite pins and pictures from the week.

love this print. found it on pinterest.
however, i can't locate who to give credit to or
where i can get one. i would love to grab one for my sister and i. 
anyone know?

 this lovely place is cut. 
cut is a steakhouse located in the palazzo in las vegas. 
spectacular menu but it is the service that sets it apart.
it is truly an amazing dining experience. 

we really enjoyed our experience here. 
wonderfully appointed rooms.
a gorgeous view of las vegas
and access to all you need nearby....
a mall inside and great shopping.
oh and don't forget the pool.

 this is the winner for the week though.
hands down.
the words contained in this print, they replayed through my mind for almost 2 weeks. 
a whispered echoed...
a promise. 
that is truly my friday fave.
the others are lovely, but this is life giving.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

in a season of waiting

that's my season of life right now.
not something i am fond of, my flesh fails me. every. single. time.
darn it. 
every time i grow inpatient. often times going to the worst case scenario in my mind.
are you with me? tell me i am not the only one who does this. 

maybe the next time i hear "what would you change about yourself if you could?"
that should be my answer. 
i need more patience, i need more rational thoughts in "the waiting".
there are some women who i perceive to be the most graceful "waiters",
if that is even a word. they face trials of all kinds and honey drips from their lips.
the embody cool, calm, collected personas.
me, oh no, this is where my flesh fails me.
i get snippy, i try to do a 1000 things to keep my mind busy.
it's not pretty.

my life has had lots of times where i just had to wait.
sit on the edge of what God was doing. clueless.
my parents divorce, my moms cancer, losing our home as children,
heartbreak, loss, parenting journey's, job insecurity, and more.
you name it. time spent, waiting.
waiting for "the call", "the letter in the mail", the diagnosis.

most of the time, i am a happy, energetic and positive person.
however, during these seasons of "waiting", shamefully i admit, not so much. 
too many hours of sleep are given to worry.
and not enough are given to prayer.

but you know what amazes me each, and every time.
God's strength is made perfect in my weakness.

time and time again He has demonstrated for me that i am in the palm of his hand.
nothing i face is greater than what he has over come.
"take heart, i have overcome the world"
john 16:33

you hear that my friends, the world!
he has over come the world!!!!!!

death, divorce, illness, financial woes, relationships,
He has over come it.

He didn't just "get through it".
He didn't "survive it"

no, my friends, he OVERCAME it.

so right now, i am going to make a choice,
i will be still.
i will know He is God.
 and i will find my peace in the knowledge that

what are you facing today?
whatever it is... it isn't too big for Him.
and for that I am eternally grateful.

so, miss snippy attitude, take a back seat.
He's got this.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

simple sentiments

the other day i was listening to a pod cast from louie giglio. 
he was preaching on john 16 and really focused in on the last part of the chapter.
i had heard this verse before. 
but this time, i heard it differently. 

in this life we will have trouble.
not we may have trouble, or we might have a challenge in our life. 
we will. 
you will.
i will.
my children, my husband and my friends. 
we will have trouble. 

however, god doesn't leave us there. 
he says "take heart"
 "i have overcome the world"

yes, he overcame the world.
he overcame all that is in this world. 
the sadness, sickness, the hurt, the pain, the fear. 

the insurmountable problem you face. 
he has already over come it. 

so "take heart" my friends. 
the god who created the whole universe, yep, he's got it under control. 
and that's pretty amazing.

Friday, June 22, 2012

healthy template, not a diet

so we have decided to change some eating habits around here.
let me make this clear, no one is going on a diet. 
no one is going to completely cut out sugar or carbs or whatever the latest "fad" is.

we are however, going to be more mindful of what we eat.
for the past week we have shed off processed foods, ate minimal breads and pastas.
especially compared to what we typically consume. 

we love to eat, love to entertain, and love to have our family
and friends over for hours at a time enjoying all our favorite foods and drinks. 
sharing a meal and the conversations and memories that includes, that's good stuff. 

but to be honest, that also involves lots of home cooked full fat meals. 
i was raised on real butter, whole milk, and lots of comfort foods. 

 i have done some reading, 
and decided that we are going to do the following, 
eat healthy. not diet, not deprive, but actually feed our bodies. 

the snack aisle at publix, bye bye. 
say hello to lots fresh produce, 
more grass fed  and organic meats when possible.
 so far we are 2 weeks in and there have been minimal complaints.
now that's not to say some one around here isn't asking for "gummies"
or juice boxes. but instead of handing it over we've found alternatives. 
and now 2 weeks in, they aren't even asking. 
amazing how kids can adjust to change so much more smoothly than us adults.

as we go along I will share some recipes are are enjoying. 
the salad at the top is a fave. we are avocado lovers. 

today i am making! 
doesn't that just look like summer in bowl?? yummy!

you are welcome to browse my pinterest page titled "yummy".
just don't judge. don't hate. 
there are some less than healthy choices up on that board. 
i am ok with that. sometimes a good indulgence isn't bad right?
you will find some recipes i plan to try... and some comments about ones we enjoyed. 

so, here's to healthy eating and taking advantage of the tasty harvest of the summer. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

monogram love

maybe it's because i am from the south,
maybe it's because i love all things girly.
whatever the reason, the following is true:
i am a sucker for all things monogrammed. 

sheets, cardigans, jewelry, phone covers. 
you name it i want my initials on it.

one of my favorite wedding gifts was from my grandmother.
a set of gorgeous periwinkle blue sheets with our new monogram.
crisp white letters with our initials together. 
the other little touch i adored, she had "sweet dreams" 
stitched onto the top sheet. 
 here are a few of my favorite finds from pinterest this week: 
 what can i say? the whole set up is fabulous!

so wish this was around when i got married.... 
this is something i so would have done. 
the initials, the anchor, all lit up in white. 
yep, that's us
 christmas gift tags, yes please.

 there are several versions of these on etsy. 
i am not always a hat girl.
but this is a hat i would wear.
pink with my monogram. 
 fabulous collection of monogrammed jewelry

 classic, elegant, timeless. 

 who doesn't need one of these? 
right now the lilly pulitzer chum bucket is keeping my iphone safe,
but when that is done, here i come!

 oh, who doesn't love a monogrammed smocked dress or bishop.