Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 a year of intention

each year i try to choose a word to focus on for the year... a word that will help me better guide my choices and accomplish the goals set before me... last year the word was ~ simplify ~

so in 2011 i simplified my life. i gave myself permission to say no without guilt and shed all committments except what was most important in my life: my faith & my family. the task ahead was huge and it didn't happen over night... it was a process being able to not "do it all"even though if i was honest i never really did it all anyways, i just did alot. and "alot" left me exhausted, worn down emotionally and just plain tired. this word ~ simplify ~ had radically changed my life... and it hasn't been the same since. i saw things i had never noticed before and developed a deeper relationship with my savior and from that was able to hear His voice like never before.

2012 i am drawn to the word ~ intentional ~

intentional in how i spend my time, how i share my resources and how i follow my God. i want to be intentional and make this life count. join me on this journey as we share what we learn.... what is your word this year?

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