Friday, May 31, 2013

friday faves ~ summer reading

Hello friends ~ 
Around these parts the school year is coming to a close 
and for me that means sweet summer days are looming.
Summer days around our home are often full of lots of of books.
Weekly trips to the library, rainy afternoons curled up with a book.
All year i do my fair share of reading but it's the summer where i get to catch up 
on my stock pile of titles I've collected all year.

Here are a few on my bedside table waiting for the lazy days of summer

This is my favorite author, favorite, hands down love all her books.
Can't wait for it to his shelves June 2013. 
Have you read her stories? They are fabulous, set in the low country with colorful characters....
Such a treat when she releases a new book.

Haven't read this author before but since it is set in the Low Country of Sullivan's Island I am sold. 

Recommended by Oprah's book club and set in the 1920's this is right up my alley. 
Fiction that centers around a main character who is female and overcomes challenges typically 
peaks my interest... this looks awesome

Our small bible study community group has done 1 jennie allen study and this summer 
we are embarking on her second study. 
This book, written by jennie allen has been on my "to read" list for quite some time...
She is such a powerful author, really proving opportunities for deep thought and growth.
Can't recommend her work highly enough!

Have you seen this yet? Have you read this book yet? 
It is a pretty new release. 
I have read about this title around the blog world and so far the reviews are fabulous.
Can't wait to read this...

What are you reading this summer? 
Any good suggestions? 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

sweet mason jar invites

As a lover of all things southern, food, culture, literature, travel, and just life
mason jars are no exception.
Growing up in a family where tradition was important and food was central to family gatherings
I can remember mason jars in my great grandmothers cabinets 
when I would visit on Saturday mornings with my Papa. 

Maybe that's why I love them so much, it brings me to a place in time with 2 people I wish I could 
have known and done life with as an adult.... as a momma. 

Our bible study community group is closing out our Spring Semester Study... 
I love these girls y'all. They are precious. They love well and laugh hard.
We've only been together about a year but the ties run deep 
and when one of us is in need you should see these girls rise up and love each other well.
They rally and support and love from the overflow of their hearts. 

So with the close of the semester I just had to honor them.
I want to love them well... so dinner at my house it is. 
This is where the mason jar invites come in. I found the template on line through pinterest and then 
used a program on my computer to format it to my needs. 
Y'all they turned out precious! 
What I have envisioned for this evening, well, I just hope it turns out half as well as I have
made it in my head... because these girls they just deserve it.

Take look at how cute they turned out...
Are these sweet or what?
Love love love them!
the information is all on the back and they are tied up
with lovely puffy bows!
The tablescape will follow suit....
this year my word of the year was "love"
I wanted to make a concerted effort to love those around me well...
Love out of the overflow of my heart with His love and His compassion...
Having the opportunity to be with these girls this year has been such a joy.

More pictures to come after our dinner next week!
In the meantime, love out of the overflow of your heart....

If you would like the template for the Mason Jar you can visit
Working on It Wednesday

Monday, May 27, 2013

with heartfelt gratitude on memorial day

friends as we take some time today to enjoy a day with family and friends
may we not forget the true meaning for today's holiday from work and school. 

~memorial day~
a day to pause and express our gratitude and honor for those who have paid the ultimate price
and for those who are serving across our world to keep us the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Dear God, 
We come to you today so grateful that we live in a nation where we have the freedom to worship you,
to gather in churches and in homes together with other Christians and know we are safe. 
We thank you whole heartedly for the men and women who defend that freedom among so many others.
We thank you for their dedication and sacrifice, we thank you for their families.
We pray for strength, support, and safety for these precious people.
We lift them up to you, you know each of their names, may they feel our respect and support. 
In Your name we pray. 

If you know a veteran, be sure to say thank you! It would mean the world to them.
If you have children at home, before heading off to the beach or the park or the neighbors BBQ, take a minute and discuss with them this important holiday. 

Enjoy yourselves today! We're off for some fun!
What are you doing?

Friday, May 24, 2013

friday faves

right now i am working on a post that will attempt to capture the pearl event, the triple strand.
however, life is happening right now and i can't give that post the attention it truly deserves. 
this weekend sweet friends, it will get done. honestly, i can't wait to share! 
in the mean time i do have a few friday fave pictures i just have to share.

this is thursday night, sibi took us to chuy's
this was new to my hubby and we and wow! 
it was amazing. loved this spot.
we snapped a quick picture after dinner. 
cherish, myself, sibi and cha cha

amanda pilkinton was my ticket giveaway winner,
however, miss amanda went and had herself a baby right before the event! 
so she treated her sweet momma and sister to the tickets.
girls, these ladies are precious! aren't they cute?
miss amanda, i sure did miss meeting you but i do hope our paths cross soon! 
enjoy that sweet baby and congratulations on such a sweet blessing!

the pearls! what else can i say? ofcourse it is on friday faves, they are pearls
you can never ever have enough.
you dont even want to know how many pieces of jewelry i had on that day that were pearls.
i had a license to wear it all, and wear it all i did! 
loved every minute and i might start doing it more often!

the programs were gorgeous, sibi has such an eye for these things. love her style! 

and this just sums it up girls, lots of hugging and squeeling and this my friends is the lovely woman behind Love Being a Nonny, Do you follow her? if not click on the link, hop on over and subscribe. I have read her for a while and it was such a pleasure meeting her. If we lived closer we'd hang out! She is a doll! 

some of the sweet women getting ready to start the afternoon sessions

and pink peonies, there were many of them and i just adore them...
peonies and pearls, really? does it get any better?

girls there is just so so much i want to share, and share i will.
enjoy this little sneek peek and be sure to come back next week for more on the pearl event. 

lots of love

Friday, May 17, 2013

friday faves ~ beach ready for kids

around these parts were getting ready for all things water, beach and summer.
we're counting down the days until we reach the freedom that comes with sweet summer days.
we are always in the market for all things beach wear. we spend lots of time in the water in the 
summers so it never seems we can have enough! here are a few of my favorites!
Rainbow Ruffle One-Piece Swimsuit

Flower Stripe Flip Flop
Flower Stripe Flip Flop
Gem Fish Stripe One-Piece Swimsuit
Whale Swim Trunk
Printed cutout one-piece

Ruffle tie one-piece

Ruffle dot one-piece
Printed tunic cover up
Printed tie romper

Patchwork swim trunks

Hurley Kids Shorts, Little Boys Puerto Rico Boardshorts

Hurley Kids Shorts, Little Boys Puerto Rico Boardshorts
Quiksilver Kids Swim, Little Boys All Time Rashguard

Pink Platinum Kids Swimwear, Girls Polka Dot Bikini

Penelope Mack Kids Swimwear, Little Girls or Toddler Girls One-Piece Ruffled Swimsuit

Carter's Kids Swimwear, Little Girls Ruffle Shoulder One-Piece Swimsuit

Roxy Kids Swimwear, Little Girls Floral Monokini One-Piece Swimsuit

it's clear to see summer 2013 is full of bright colors and good times on the horizon!
what fun plans do you have?

Sunday, May 12, 2013

simple sentiments

are you coming to the pearl event? 
if so you will hear more of my story, my journey to forgiveness 
and best of all you will hear all about the Father's heart.
join us won't you? 
may 17th is just around the corner

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mothers Day Weekend

by: inslee

Happy Mothers Day Weekend!

As we go into this weekend my wish for you is that you are with the ones your heart loves.
It may be your children or your own momma... it might even mean someone who is like a momma to you... 
sometimes God does that... and it is beautiful. Tell Him thank you for her.

To all the momma's out there please know you are dearly loved by your Heavenly Father.
Perfect in His eyes and He is there to hold your right hand through this season of life. 
There are nights that sleep evades, more laundry than can be done in a day and many hearts that needs love, guidance and soothing and of course the never ending "why" that comes all day especially as the momma of littles... it is exhausting work but precious needed work. He has called you to this. You were perfectly chosen for those children at this time. It was all part of His grand design. He knows what you face and He meets you there with the strength the knowledge and guidance for those sweet faces each day.

To my momma, you are a blessing. You a beautiful, strong, resilient Christian woman that I admire more each day. I am so grateful for you... there are just no words. 

If your mothers day is leaving you with a heart that aches for a baby to swaddle or the relationship with your own momma is less than what you imagined.... 
Please know, He knows, He hears the desires of your heart and He meets you there.
He loves you and wants to walk through this with you. 

Lots of love sweet friends!

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Pearl Event Ticket Winner

Amanda Pilkinton, grab your momma and your pearls!
You are headed to the Pearl Event ~ The Triple Strand!!!!!

So so so excited to meet you! 
I have emailed you, so be sure to write me back and we'll get you those tickets. 

Who else is coming? Be sure to drop me a note!

friday faves

it's been a long week and well i just needed a laugh so one night i found some funny stuff on where else, pinterest. here is what got me giggling ~ for my friday faves 

is there any other way? not, a camper. not even in the least bit. 

i swear my kids say this, weekly, and depending on the week possibly daily

he really is a snake... i mean really, alphabet and math. no thanks....

this had to have been written by a mom, getting something in the dark

and it's coke... it's always coke, whether its' sprite or rootbeer it's a coke at my house

momma bear. 

amen, football in the south. it's a fashion show... 

happy weekend friends! 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Pearl Event ~ The Triple Strand Giveaway!

Welcome Sweet Friends ~ 

Can you believe it we are 8 days away from the Triple Strand!
I am squealing and twirling and just all kinds of excited! 
Simply put, it is a God Breathed event for women of all stages of life to be loved on by their Heavenly Father
This year there is a precious line up of speakers who will be sharing their hearts and the pieces of their story. 

Do you want to join us at this event?
Well, lucky you! I have seats to share! 

Enter the give away by commenting below. Be sure to leave your name and email address! 
A winner will be chosen Friday Morning! 

Lots of Love, 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

why being empty isn't a bad thing

we don't often think that when were empty that in fact is the time we are most open for opportunity..
so many times when we find ourselves empty we find ourselves swimming in
despair, hopelessness, heartache or pain... 
we are a lot like these cracked and empty frames just waiting for an opportunity to be filled.

some may see these frames or themselves as tossed aside chipped, cracked or forgotten... 
finished, empty, nothing left to give and purpose, well the purpose is done. 

or is it? 
lately i have been digging down deep. 
a soul searching of sorts. 
and what i am coming to find is that when i am empty only then can i be open to the new things He has. 
only then can i be filled with Him. filled with His purpose instead of my own selfish desires. 

this life is so busy and so full and before we know it we are overflowing with obligations and commitments and "have to's" and "well i guess i should do this".... and eventually it overflows into an explosion. 
it happens ~ i promise. 
our lives can only hold so much. 
and you're left empty. 
you're left wondering what on earth are you even doing and how did it get to this point. 
maybe this is how it happened to you or maybe your empty came through another path,
a death, a divorce, finances, addiction, a closed door or job loss... 
the path to empty takes many forms. 
the way it feels is what binds us together. 
we all know what empty feels like. we've all been there... and if you haven't
well, you'll get there, any one who has circled the sun their fair share will tell you, life leaves bruises.

but you know what? 
there is such beauty in the empty.
it is in the empty that we are a blank canvas just waiting to be filled
waiting to be part of His great masterpiece... and there sweet friends is the sweet spot.
there is the beauty of life. 

until we empty ourselves of everything else we can't be what He has planned. 
spending time praying to be emptied of myself, my own ideas and desires.
praying to be filled with His love, grace and His purpose for me.
to be His hands and feet to the world. 
lordy moses, we all know the world needs more of Him and less of me anyways. 

so if you're here today and feeling less than, feeling empty and a little lost, 
celebrate sweet girl!
twirl and and sing
because you my dear, are at a place of great opportunity if you place your path in Him.