Monday, April 29, 2013

for when we know what we're supposed to do

you are faced with a decision.
you've prayed, you've talked to your best girl friends about it.
you've laid in bed awake more hours than you can count spinning it around in your head.
you rationalize that you are "waiting for direction"...
but really? is that what we're doing?
are we waiting for direction or are we delaying answering His call on our lives?

how many times have we done just this?
belaboring the ins and outs.
looking at it from every angle when really... we know what to do.
we know what direction He has given us.
it has happened to me.
i dare to say it has happened to you. 

about a year ago i knew. just knew He was asking me to do something.
i ignored it.
yes i did. for a long time. i ignored God.
i used every excuse in the book, let me share a few... see if you can relate?
"i'm not qualified" "what would that look like" "i dont know what i am doing" 
"i am not sure i heard him right, He couldn't be talking to me" 
"i dont have time"
how many of those start with "i"
ugh ~ too many.
i was so focused on what "i" couldn't do and not focused enough on what God could do. 

after a while I couldn't ignore it.
one sunday in church our pastor was preaching and i could feel my husbands eyes burning a hole right through me. you see he knew what i was wrestling with. i honestly think he knew before i did what i was supposed to do... or maybe he just knew and i was still in denial.

that night i said to him, "i know what i am supposed to do and i can't ignore this any longer".
 it has gotten to the point where i couldn't ignore it any more. after emailing my sweet friend sibi there was no turning back. she gave me the push i needed. 
as she told me "sometimes you have to say yes in fear"
so, say yes in fear i did. i prayed and told God yes i would be obedient to His call.
i didn't know anything other than that.... 

then it was like nothing i had ever experienced. it was like once i said yes to His plan no matter what that meant, even in fear, the pieces fell together.
now one year later it was by far the best decision i ever made. 

so many times we know exactly what we are supposed to be doing.
we know what He wants from us but we push that call aside, we ignore, we deny,
we rationalize why we must be confused and "goodness gracious He would never call me to do THAT"

well friend, let me tell you this
He will not call you to do something with out giving you the power to do it.
He will not call you to come out in to the waters with out clearing the path.

what is it that speaks to you in the midnight hour?
what is it that He is gently nudging you about when your driving down the road?
let me encourage you, don't ignore it, don't push aside His nudge.
you see, when I did that i was denying myself an incredible gift that He had for me...
i was denying some precious women around me a gift as well... 
i was so busy hanging on to my insecurities I didn't have the free hands to open it up.
once i laid those down and my hands were free ~ oh my word.

all He asks is that we say yes. He promises to take care of the rest.
will you let Him? 
what is He asking you?
do share, i'd love to hear from you!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

freebie printable ~ enjoy!

Enjoy this free printable from Anchors of Grace.
Happy Weekend Friends
for more information on The Pearl Event ~ The Triple Strand

Friday, April 26, 2013

friday faves ~ beauty products

So this week for Friday faves I am going to walk you through some of my favorite beauty products.
Shallow yes, fun? yes it's fun. I love make up. It's just fun!
But like I always say, true beauty and being a princess has nothing at all to do with your appearance, it's all in your heart, how you treat people, oh and remember "you're a daughter of the king"!
So on with the fun.

every day starts with this gem.
it's the cream version and about 2 times a week I use the scrub version.
it is fabulous and doesn't dry my skin out... and it removes eye make up.
that makes me happy.
i hate it when i wash my face and the mascara is still there. grosses me out.

all winter i use this product and love it.
for the drier weather it hydrates and it smells lovely.
sometimes it can be a bit heavy in the summer when the air is so humid
and i switch to something a little lighter

under eye cream.
yes i use this now.
yes i know this means i am old.

this has been my latest night creme.
the results aren't in yet.

this summer my girlfriend and i booked a make up date while we were in vegas.
by default we ended up at chanel.
it was a gift from the make up goddesses.
i fell in love with chanel that sultry hot afternoon.
this foundation goes on lovely for a light coat or can be applied for a heavier coverage.
it is fabulous and the scent, divine.
since using this my face has really changed, less breakouts and redness.
it is worth every cent.
i don't say that lightly. for years i was a "get your make up at target" kinda gal.
then this happened.

these little quad shadows are quite spectacular.
again, they are worth every cent.
they are so pigmented you don't need a ton and it lasts all day.
there are a few i rotate through the week because they are so fun i can't pick a staple.
and because color is fun.

my sister introduced me to this little gem.
i was sold on the chanel black mascara until i ran out one day and couldn't get to the mall.
she suggested this.
little sister knows a few things friends.
she was right.
it knocked the socks of chanel.
sorry chanel, you have it on alot of stuff but this is like magic.
i have used the waterproof and the regular and both go on and off nicely.

lipstick love.
i am a lipstick girl.
gloss every once in a while.
but lipstick every day and chanel it is.
again, that darn appt this past summer hooked me.
but like most chanel products dollar for dollar it's worth its weight in gold.

clearly i am all over the make up board.
having tried lots of things i have weeded through the duds and found what works for me.
this MAC bronzer in golden.
love, love love.
i'm pale.
i need bronzer.
i burn in the real sun so this is the answer.

then a little dab on the cheeks and I am about set to go!

when it comes to scent i have 2 that are my tried and true go to scents.

coco chanel mademoiselle is my all time favorite.
the hubby also loves this so it is worn often.

but this is a close second

philosophy's amazing grace
it's light but distinct and feminine.

what are your favorite beauty products?
do share!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

how He sees you

hello friends ~ 

have you ever wondered how God sees you?
there are times when I have made my own assumptions how He sees me.
Oh boy, the places my mind goes after I know, I've really blown it.
Maybe you have blown it too. 
Maybe you haven't but maybe someone makes you feel like you are less than.
Those times I loose my patience over play-doh in the grout and marker on the new table.
Sometimes I am embarrassed how He must see me in that moment.
But you know what? He has so much more grace for us than we have for ourselves.

A Max Lucado quote struck me today and I just had to share.... I even made a printable... 
(feel free to print and hang on your mirror and read everyday if you need this precious reminder)
because maybe, like me, you need to be reminded of how HE sees you. 

He doesn't see us through our eyes, the only one we are capable of using as our point of reference.
Thank goodness He doesn't see us through that lens.
He sees us through the lens with the beautiful filter of grace. 
Grace for those moments when we feel "less than".

On May 17th some of my sweet blogger friends who have become in real life friends are joining me on a fabulous adventure that is God inspired... The Pearl Event ~ The Triple Strand.
No this isn't about Pearls or Fashion or even blogs.
It is about Jesus.
It is about the blessing we receive as inheritance as a daughter of the king.
It is about forgiveness, life and love in Him. 

On May 17th I'm going to be sharing more of my story.
More about finding your true identity through His lens and filter of grace instead of the worlds.
I'd love for you to join us.... 
Just click on either of the Pearl Event Logo's on the right hand side of the page for more details. 

So today, as you go about life, toss that old dusty, clouded lens away.
Look at yourself through what He sees.
You are so beautiful, You are so loved,
You are a Precious Princess.

Monday, April 22, 2013

not home yet ~ when life hurts

source unknown, if you know do share so i can give proper credit and link to this adorable piece of art
 What a heartbreaking week our world has just been through! The Boston tragedy, the earthquake in China and then even closer to home the drowning of a little boy in the gulf near our home. There is just so much heartache... but you know what I see when I look at all of that? People with hearts even bigger than the pain. Hearts that want to pray for, love on, and be the hands and feet of Jesus to the hurting. 

In a world where we often question "why?" because it just doesn't make sense I know there is something so much greater than all of this hurt. He is here. We live in a fallen and broken world "but God", in Him there is light, and life and HOPE! 

One day we will be on the other side of all of this, with Him, where there is no more pain, no more hurt and no more heartache. This morning on the way to work I heard a song by Building 429 and it was such a perfect reminder as we start this week, as so many start the healing process.
 I wanted to share the lyrics with you. 
Take a minute and read them... even if you've heard the song a 100 times 
there is so much in these words....

sometimes it feels like i'm watching from the outside
sometimes it feels like i'm breathing but am i alive?
i won't keep searching for answers that aren't here to find

all i know is i'm not home yet
this is not where i belong
take this world and give me Jesus
this is not where i belong

so when the walls come falling down on me
and i'm lost in the current of the raging sea
i have this blessed assurance holding me

all i know is i'm not home yet
this is not where i belong
take this world and give me Jesus
this is not where i belong

when the earth shakes i want to be found in you
when the light fades i want to be found in you

all i know is i'm not home yet, this is not where i belong
take this world and give me Jesus

We aren't home yet.... but you know what? We have faith, we have each other for encouragement 
and we know His love is bigger than all of it. 
His promises are the blessed assurance that we aren't in this alone.

One day sweet friends, we'll be with Him. 
As we walk with friends through the coming weeks
as our world heals, we all know more trials will come
let's be a light in this world for Him.
Let's be the hands and feet of Jesus to the hurting
won't you join me?

If you're the one with the heartache so huge you can't see beyond today....
let me encourage to run to Him. 
Place it all at His feet. 
He is bigger than the mess you are in.
He sees the other side.
Rest in Him. His timing. His guidance.
He will not leave you... 

how do I know?
well I have had my share of heartache in this lifetime
and the one constant a midst all the pain, Him. 
He never left me. He never failed me.
He has healed the pieces of my heart.
He will do the same for you. 

Hebrews 13:8
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.

did you read that promise? 
He is the same forever.

Our world changes, our problems change, feelings change, relationships change, 
life, well it changes. 
But God ~ He is the same forever.

I love this promise. 
I need this promise.
What about you? 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Friday, April 19, 2013

friday faves ~ best of the blogosphere this week

(source unknown. if you know, do share so I can give credit for this adorable image)

This week I am going to link you up to my favorite finds around the web from this week. 
Maybe these ladies blogs are new to you or maybe you have been reading them for a while like me.
Either way, their words this week have inspired me, made me stop to think or struck me in some way that I just had to feature them here. Take look and see for yourself... and if you have a favorite do tell me!

She wrote a post on 4/17 I really enjoyed...
This will touch your heart. So so so sweet.
Trouble is going to come. We know this.... but there is HOPE!

Love her. Love her heart. 
This post on 75 Ways to Help, well it is just the end all be all resource idea 
for momma's and families with a child in the hospital.
When you don't know what you can do? 
Read this.
It has ideas.
75 of them.

Cha Cha hostess of The Heartfelt Home
Cha Cha has a green thumb. You'll see that is evident in this post.
However, more importantly you will see she has a heart for growth spiritually too.
So many times when we're in the middle of "breaking ground" we forget their will be fruit
there will be harvest on the other end. Such a beautiful picture is painted in this post.
If you haven't already go on over and visit her.

What was your favorite read this week on the web?
Do share?
send me an email at

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

website ~ Pearl Event

Hello Friends ~ 

Sibi has dolled up the Pearl Event website and it is just gorgeous!
Have you taken a peek yet?
oh my stars!
Hop on over and take a look.
It is wonderful y'all. 

It is just too pretty not to share.
If you have question about the event, want to know more?
Just click the link and find out!

Remember Pearl Girls we are only a month away!
One month!
Click on the word Tickets to get yours today!

We urge you to prayerfully consider joining us and if He speaks to your heart, come on! 
We'd love to have you there beside celebrating in His lavish grace and perfect love.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

you are enough

I have learned a lot about hospitality over the last few years.
Since getting married and hosting a myriad of holiday dinners,
 birthday parties, family BBQ’s and more!

I have learned exactly how much food to plan for 6 people or 50.
I have learned where to find the best prices on meat, flowers and invitations.
I have learned how to time it all just right so the food stays warm and the drinks cold.

As a new wife and mother, I admit, these were the things
 I thought were so important to having the perfect soirée. How foolish!

It was imperative that the napkins matched the plates and the flowers just the right hue.
Then it all changed.
Then I one day realized, it didn’t matter.
It doesn’t matter.

Yes all the trappings of a lovely party sure are wonderful for the eye.
There is a little shop in town that sells the latest Caspari’ products and I would be lying if I didn’t say I swoon over them every time I am in there or that I don’t buy them either!
I do, I love them.

Spoiling my friends and family in our home, well, that is my husband and I’s love language. 
We love, love, love, to have our home full of people we adore.

But what I came to realize is that there were times I would not host because the house wasn’t clean enough, or I didn’t have the time to make it all “just so”.
I came to realize the insanity of that mentality.

The people we were hosting loved us and enjoyed us just as much as we did them.
They weren’t coming to sample my latest pinterest appetizer 
or feast their eyes on the décor of the theme.
It was the connection we all wanted.

How often as women do we hesitate to extend our love, our hearts and our homes through hospitality because we feel we just aren’t going to measure up?
How many blessings have we denied ourselves because of that way of thinking?
How many blessings have we withheld from others?
For me, the number is higher than I would like to admit.

The measuring stick we all use is different.
For some of us the measuring stick is the latest edition of Coastal Living or Southern Living. Our family rooms and kitchens have avocado green laminate counter tops and dark brown cabinets and 70’s lighting instead of the crisp clean white cabinetry and granite counter tops gracing the glossy pages of the magazine. So we don’t extend the invitation.
How do I know? Ahem…

Or maybe your measuring stick is your best friends remodel
 or the figment of perfection you have created in your mind.
The message is the same sweet friends.

You are being lied to.
You don’t measure up.
You aren’t enough.
What will “they” think?

When this happens I want to encourage you.
Stop, right where you are in that thought and 
think about the last time you had a wonderful time at a friends home.

What do you remember the most?
Do you remember what you ate?
Do you remember if her dog’s hair was balled up in the corner 
or if her sink had the mornings toothpaste still in the sink?
No. Likely not.

What you do remember is “who” was there.
What you remember is “how” you felt.
The special people around the table, the laughter, and the hug good bye
 and the “y’all come back now” as you went to leave.
Guess what?

That is what they will remember too.
They will forget if they ate on paper or china.
They will forget if they had pizza or filet and lobster.
But they will never forget their time with you and the way you made them feel.

As time has passed I’ve eased up on myself and my expectations.
I’ve forgone the real plates more often and picked up the Dixie plates.
I’ve been more comfortable accepting my guests offer to bring a dessert.
You know what happened?

I spent more time on the important things.
I spent more time reminiscing with a girlfriend over a glass of wine.
I spent more time watching the kids jump in the bounce house their stomachs aching from the laughter or play a game of tag with their friends well into the dusk night hours.
I spent more time loving on and leaning into the folks who walked through my door.
At the end of the night I was tired and my feet ached but my heart was so full.

One of God’s greatest blessings can come through hospitality.
Showing our love, His love, through such a practical demonstration of service.
Those friends who don’t know Him but love you….
Maybe they will get a glimpse of his unconditional love and grace through you.
Maybe it will open a door to a life time of freedom in Him
they would have not otherwise known.

The funny thing is,  the hospitality that we extend to love on and bless others is so much more than a meal to feed their bellies, it refreshes their spirit… and ours too.
Fellowship with others through service is such a precious gift.
Don’t let the enemy fool you into thinking you aren’t enough.
He is always trying to find a way to stop us from showing God’s love to the world.
Hospitality can be such a practical and hands on way to show those around us God’s love.
Don’t believe that voice that says “you aren’t enough”

You are enough.
All you need to do is open your heart and home to those around you.
They will remember your generosity and kindness for years to come.
You are enough. Your home is enough.
When He is a part of you and your home, it is always enough

Friday, April 12, 2013

friday faves ~ spring time edition

oh my word, the heat is among us!
ok well maybe not all over the country, i see your ice covered pictures on instagram.
but here in the south the heat and humidity has arrived!
but you know what that means?
spring time fashion
i love the spring, i love that we can put away those coats and close toed shoes.
bring on the bright colors and flip flops.

this friday i am going to feature a few of my favorite items from around the web for spring 2013.

have y'all seen this yet? 
i am a blue mason jar collector. 
but this pretty thing has my name all over it!
at $24.99 on zulily what is not to love!
if those sweet people over at zulily want to send me one i'd be happy to do a review. ; )

you knew my spring list would have something lilly didn't you?
is this not adorable? 
with all the wonderful fabric and style choices from lilly a girl could go crazy picking just one!

this little number could take me right on through summer.
how cute is this?
perfect tunic for all your spring and summer events
source unknown

yes, monogrammed shoes. what's next right?
these little ballet flats are sure to be the next addition to my monogram mania.
if you know the source, do tell, i would love to order a pair. 

isn't she lovely?
the whole package is just darling!

michael kors, every season you do it again.
you and tory, making me swoon with all these purses.
birthday wish list?
yes please!

how sweet!
what a lovely gift for a new june bride, a graduate or yourself! 

what are some of your spring fashion favorites? 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Pearl Event ~ Tickets

Hello friends! 

Can you believe it we are almost there!!!! 
We are only 35 days away from the Pearl Event III
to be held in gorgeous Nashville Tennessee

Some of our favorite bloggers are going to be there. 
Women with such a precious voice and calling from Him.
Women who have a heart for women.

Sibi Riffer, Cherish Pinson and Charity also known as ChaCha in the blog world
are speaking along with me. 
Michaela McLaird will be leading us in worship!
Girls, it is going to be special. 
To get more information on each of the speakers, just click their name and it will take you directly to their blog or webpage where you can really get a peek inside their hearts.

Have you purchased your tickets yet? 
If not, please click on the The Pearl Event link at the top of the page to go to our Event brite site.

Ladies, you will not be disappointed.
You will be blessed, we will all be blessed.
Anytime we spend time together worshiping our Father and praying with other women we are lifted up.
So won't you join us Friday May 17th in Nashville?
I hope to see your beautiful face there!

Oh and wear your pearls!

lots of love

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Redeemed ~

I am admittedly a lover of words, books, stories…
Spending way more time than i care to admit
awake after my family has fallen into dreams…
It has always been that way for me.
I can still remember as a little girl in my upstairs bedroom hiding beneath the covers with a flashlight
Often times to wake with the flashlight on and the book tangled in my sheets.
It has been a love affair for years.

Recently I have been studying Rahab.
Yes, the story of Rahab, the prostitute, the mother, God’s servant, Jesus relative.
My Father is the all-time best story teller.
I can get lost for hours in His words and stories He weaves.
Oh the detail, all good authors can paint a picture in my minds’ eye with details like Him.
I had read her story a time or two before but never dug into it across the chapter.
Across the bible like this.
Wow. What a testimony to God’s grace and redemption.
What a story of restoration.
He chose to take a prostitute from a city that was falling, save her, her family
and then, wait for it…. cast her directly into the blood line of Jesus, His son.
Certainly not what we would expect…
Really? The blood line of King? The Savior of the World?
That’s my God for you.
He is bigger than the situations we have gotten ourselves into and He loves us,
Chases after us, and is willing to restore what was meant for our harm.
No matter what. No matter who. No matter when.

His ways are always higher than our ways.
So often we can’t even fathom the scope of His mind.
But, it works out every. single. time. doesn’t it?
He took what the world saw and redeemed her.
He lifted her to place of dignity and grace.
She was obedient and faithful and He redeemed her.
Making her a woman of honor by placing her on the list of “who’s who’s”
in the line of Jesus genealogy.
She is also one of the only women noted in this list.
(matt 1:1-16)
That in and of itself speaks volumes to me.
God does nothing haphazardly, and mentioning her among a long list of men,
well, that says this is an important part of her story, His design.

Many years down the road she had a son, a son named Boaz.
Do you know Boaz?
Boaz too, came to rescue an unlikely woman, Ruth.
Ruth is a widow. During those days she likely having the responsibility of her mother in law may have never remarried and was likely destined to a life of hardship.
But Boaz saw so much more.
I can’t help but think being raised by Rahab impacted him.
Did her life experience trickle down into how she raised her son to view all people?
Did she raise her son to see the person and not the circumstance?
How many of us, me included God forgive, too often see the circumstance instead of the person?
And here, here a woman who was considered a prostitute, less than, undervalued second class citizen
Has it all figured out.
Trust God, Act in Faith, Love Others.
What simple, yet profound advice for us all through her life actions.

You see, her faith is what saved her.
It is what saves you and me.

No matter where you are today, no matter what you have done, or didn’t do
He loves you just the same. He is chasing after you to rescue you just the same.
You see God didn’t pursue Rahab, or me, or any other Christian I know once we had cleaned up our acts. It is quite the opposite actually. He pursued us while we were still a mess, and made us whole and new.

Friends, I encourage you today, he’s chasing you,
Just turn around, stop and let Him catch you.
You’ll be so glad you did.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday faves ~ art edition

art is one of my favorite things.
i love pretty pictures and bright colors.
as you will see there is a theme in my love of art. 
many of these are done by carol carmichael.
you can find her by clicking her name above.
i love love love her artistic abilities.
recently she shared those with me in painting a portrait for my husband of our children.
it was an anniversary gift. 
precious. so grateful she shared this gift with me and my family.

carol carmichael

carol carmichael

carol carmichael

carol carmichael

another favorite is inslee haynes.
have you seen her work? she is all over pinterest, that is where i first discovered her.






high cotton
by kim sobat

who is your favorite artist? 
have you taken a look at etsy? i am amazed at the number of talented artists on there with fabulous pieces that are so reasonably priced. take a few minutes this weekend to check it out! 

happy weekend friends 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

made strong

how often do we tell ourselves, our kids or our friends, just be tough, be strong. 
we encourage them with words and though well meaning 
i believe we are leaving something out. 
something so powerful that can not afford to not be uttered from our lips.
yes we do want those around us to be strong when the waters rise.
lord knows i have been there more times than i can count.
too weary to take another step, life reduced to a breath,
 and being strong, well it was at times such a heavy load to bear.
 it was the hardest thing i had ever done until i realized
on my own i was weak.
on my own i was powerless.
on my own i am just a piece of flesh going through the motions.
but in Him.
in Him i am strong.
in Him i am powerful.
in Him i have life.

we are not meant to go through this life alone.
i believe that is why it is so hard.
we are designed to need Him.
we are designed to crave and desire something more. 
when we figure this out, we are free!
we are free to live because He carries those burdens for us.
this is also why community is so important.
a community of believers.
other women that can help you lighten that load by praying for you, 
encouraging you daily to spend time in His words and speaking words of life giving affirmation from His word when you just can't take one more step.

this week i am really spending some time meditating on this verse
from 2 Corinthians 12:9-10
" But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. 10 That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong."

He has called me to press into this and really examine what this looks like.
in doing this He is showing me and guiding some of my next steps.
as you know i am preparing for the Pearl Event III.
i am preparing to share with His daughters His message.
you see, i am mess. 
but in Him and through Him great and mighty miracles have occured. 
to not share how my weakness was made whole in His goodness 
well i just couldn't live with that.

i just can't help but want to share!
He is so good and so faithful 
despite me being the person i am.

alone, i am nothing. but in Him, i have life.

sweet, sweet friends, i urge you tonight, if you are feeling less than,
if you are feeling inadequate, like you have nothing but weakness in your bones...
run, run to the well spring of life.
run to source of all strength and all life.
He will meet you there.
He promises that.

there is nothing, nothing that can separate you, His daughter, His beloved, from Him.
He is just watching, waiting patiently for you to ask.
seek His face and His strength will supply all your need.

He has done it for me. He will do it for you.
friends, "His power is made perfect in weakness"