Saturday, May 12, 2012

friday faves

so here are some of my favorite things from the past week... too bad they didn't make it up on friday! oops!
finished this one night late
great read, it swtiches between 2 main characters
but the writer does a great job seperating the two characters
yet weaving their stories together.

here are some of my favorite quotes:

“I know what it is to hope and pray so hard that you're sure God will answer your
prayer just so you'll stop asking.” 

"great tragedy gives us great opportunities for kindness"

"you ain't dead yet, so you ain't done"

anyways, its a great read. super easy, sweet to the soul.
karen white is quickly becoming one of my newest favorite authors


tutu cute
carol is an artist from alabama
her art caught my eye a few weeks ago on pinterest
ever since i am now a blog follower
and carol carmichael art lover
go take a peek you won't be disappointed

this little honey made it into my life a while back
and i have been loving it!
it is so nicely made
and perfect for summer
now i need one for the fall...
hmmm, there are so many choices

spent the week following the compassion international bloggers.
there are no words.

happy weekend friends
happy mothers day


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