Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bringing a meal, more than just a yummy dish!

Hello there! 
Last night I posted a picture on Instagram and it generated lots of comments, questions, and a few texts. 
So I thought, this would be the perfect blog post with more information! 

What is this picture you ask? 
Ok, here it is! 

please pardon the cell phone picture, I was not planning on this becoming a blog post. 

Our sweet friends have a new addition to their nest so of course a meal was in order. 
Food is one of my love languages, I am convinced of this. 
Having my home full of the people I love, good food and drinks, well I am happy as a bird with a french fry. 
Going to a restaurant with some of my favorite people, well that too just makes my day! 
And the hubby and I are always scouting out the best steakhouses in any city we visit. 
So yes, food, drinks and lingering over conversation and laughter, makes my heart happy.
I also love, just love, making food and taking it to people. 
It has always been something I have really enjoyed....
Naturally because I can't do anything simply, I have to doll it up a bit. 

And since you asked, this is what I did this time. 

The menu was perfect for summer:
Chicken Salad with Grapes on Croissants fresh from the bakery
Summer Fruit Salad
and a Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Each dish was in a foil pan wrapped with foil.
I truly believe when you bring someone a meal, as nice as it is to give in a pretty dish you 
don't want to put them out by asking them to return your dish, unless it's one you're gifting them!
Since this was a busy momma I wanted to make a yummy meal and keep things as simple and did not want her to have to go to the trouble of returning anything!

Next I used rectangle doilies, these are the placemat size.
Doilies are a must in this house, every size and shape.
Use them for entertaining almost every time! 

The doilies were wrapped around the pans and secured with a tulle pink bow.
On top I used my computer to make the monogram tags with the dish listed below the monogram. 
There are also little pink baby carriages that were affixed to the middle of the bow I cut using my 
Die Cut Machine. 

This was super easy and looked so cute! 
It's so fun to brighten up the receivers day and love on friends. 
It is the unexpected that so many times speaks to the heart!

So there you go friends, you asked, I shared!
Now, go on out there and share the love.
Is there anyone in your world who could use a meal? 
It doesn't even have to be fancy.... 
A momma who worked a long day and could use 2 pizzas and some cokes delivered at 5:30? 
Maybe your neighboor who lives alone and may not cook full meals anymore for just one person.
If you look, I promise you will see, and you will be blessed beyond belief!

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