Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Book Worm ~ Printable

Around these parts come summer, there is no shortage of books!
Weekly trips to the library or the thrift store yield many new titles for our family. 
Adventures to far off places or the opportunity to learn something new about our favorite sea creatures.
We can't get enough! If you do not use your public library this book worm is encouraging you to do so!
You would be amazed all at the great stuff within those 4 walls.
Ours often boasts DVD's, exhibits, kids programs among the books. It is truly remarkable.
And best of all momma's, it's free. Just as long as you don't rack up those over due fees.

This summer I have created a little printable to log all our titles.
We've issued a challenge at this house for the summer and the kids are up for it!

I'd love to hear what your family does with it!

So here it is! Gender neutral, because after all who doesn't love pirates?

Isn't she darling? If you like them let me know and I just might customize a few more with some other fun themes... For now all you have to do is click and print!
Happy Reading!

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