Sunday, June 9, 2013

simple sentiments

This past week my small group wrapped up with Beth Moore's Believing God study.
It was so radically different from our last but equally good in it's own way. 
On day 4 this week, the verse above was our "treasure"
and it spoke right through me. 
It was like it was there just for me.
Does that ever happen to you? 

This year the word I chose for the year was love. 
Loving others the way He loves. 
At least making an attempt though failing daily. 
Daily I have to ask Him in His strength to help me do this...
Meeting people where they are at and loving them unconditionally. 
It isn't always easy and like I said it's something I fail at daily.
It is something that with some people has been a work in progress for years.
It is so difficult to love difficult people.
In our human powers it is out of our reach, but in Him, with Him, friends the impossible, is possible.
But there is so so much here. 
So much more than that. 

When I made that promise in Jan I also said, God give me your eyes.
Just like that Brandon Heath song I have quoted on here before.
When we see the world through His eyes there is a shift in the way we act.
Those of you who have shared pieces of your story with me know exactly what I am saying here.
The student in your class acting out is suddenly a child who didn't eat last night and slept on a hard floor.
The acting out isn't defiance, its hunger, fear and exhaustion... in the body of someone too young to cope.
The friend who is snippy at car riders, isn't just being a pain, she is momma scared about a test result this week or whose marriage is crumbling... who needs an extra measure of grace and patience from a friend.
You see, there is a shift here, a shift from, it's about me to it's about them, it's about loving them even when it is tough, through Him and His strength. 

I want to love out of the overflow of my heart, out of what He has so graciously and abundantly given to you and to me.... so perfectly and yet we have done nothing to deserve it. 

There is a reason that out of Faith, Hope and Love, the greatest is Love.
Love covers, love carries, love acts.
My prayer is that as women, as daughters of the King, whatever earthly role we may fill
we always love out of the overflow of our hearts. 
For when we do this we can't help but conduct our actions with love for others.
Can you imagine what would happen in your circle of the world, in your work place, your community, your service organization, PTO and yes, even our churches, if we loved out of the overflow of our hearts?

Radical things would transpire... because when we get out of the way, and let Him have room to move, room to inhabit our hearts and out minds, our actions fall right into line with His will and His heart.

We'd be blown away.
Friends, will you join me? Will you love out of the overflow?
Best wishes for an awesome week. Take up the challenge and write me, what happens...


  1. Just discovered your blog and oh, my gosh I love it! So much so that I read all your archived posts! :)

    1. Thank you!!! That is so kind! Glad you enjoyed it. Be sure to subscribe. : ) Enjoy your start to summer. Isn't it grand!

      Love, RRA