Wednesday, November 7, 2012

freedom found ~ jennie allen stuck

the last few weeks my small group has been going through the jennie allen study, Stuck.
so far it has been good and made us all take a close look at ourselves.... 
however, in preparing for this weeks study i came across these bullet points 
and they really spoke to me:

freedom is found in
* allowing God to defend me, even if it means I don't see it until heaven
*accepting that life is not right and fair now, but it will be
*loving instead of defending, fearing or fighting
*giving freely and not having a sense of entitlement
*embracing my faults rather than proving my point
*releasing others perceptions and understandings of me, 
and holding on to God's, since He knows my heart
*embracing the death of my rights and desires 
and instead receiving His will for me

they are such radical statements, such a contrast from how the world views life.
can you imagine with me, for just a second, what would happen
if more Christians took this stance? 
 wow, what if that happened?

what would our world look like?
it might look pretty different.
i know if i held onto those concepts a little more closely,
applied them in my daily life a little more regularly, 
my world would look different.
there would be more of Him and less of me.

one thing i am realizing as a momma is this,
they watch me, they model me. 
what they see me do, how they see me react is how they in turn react.
knowing this fact there is nothing more on this earth i want to do 
than help them grow into a relationship with their Heavenly Father.
i not only want to be His hands and feet to the world but 
most importantly to me, i want to His hands and feet to them.
in my actions, living out my faith.
it isn't enough to take them to church on sunday and say prayers before bed.
talking my faith and never really living it.
living it, tested over time, that is where they will learn.
they will learn about His love by how i act and react.
what better way to do that than demonstrating to them what true freedom looks like?

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