Friday, November 2, 2012

friday faves

this week for friday faves i am going to do my list of "faves" for all things fall.
here in florida it takes until november to really start to feel like fall and even then it's a bit early 
to feel any cool air on your skin.... however my heart loves fall and all that it brings. 
here a few of my favorite items for fall: 

starbucks brings out pumpkin spice latte and well, frankly, it is my favorite coffee ever.

yes, i know football season has been going for a while. 
however, it is when the weather cools that i fall even more madly in love with SEC football.
especially auburn tigers football.  
so when it gets cool and there's a bunch of great games scheduled, our house is BBQ city.  
it's good stuff. 
war eagle!

so this denim top is from american eagle and i am sure it is lovely.
mine is from old navy and i adore it.
wear it often. wear it with everything. so glad these are back.

and have you seen this yet? oh yes the shops at target has stepped it up a notch.
they have partnered with neiman marcus for some truly lovely gifts.
this my friends is a tory burch travel mug. and yes it is on my wish list. 
there is a matching lunch box too.... 
it is all so reasonably priced. hop on over to their website to check out!

and thanksgiving is upon us... 
it's my 2nd favorite holiday. easter has it beat because that is the day i can celebrate my faith. 
in a big time way. love it.
but thanksgiving runs a close 2nd. 
a day where we can focus on the things we are thankful for. love. it.
and to top it off, it also starts the time of year when people really look into their hearts and 
the generosity and love of the human spirit is shared. 
working in the schools i get to see this often, first hand. 
the generosity of teachers and staff towards students and their families.
the love they pour out to make others holidays a little brighter. 
it makes my heart hurt with gladness. 
i wish we did this more often, stopped and looked around us, shared what we had 
with those who had so little. can you even imagine? 
be still my heart. 

so here are a few of my friday faves this week... what are yours? 

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