Friday, November 9, 2012

friday faves - book edition

this week's friday faves is going to center around one of my all times favorite items, books!
the written word has long been one of my more treasured past times... whether reading a novel, a bible study or doing my own writing, all things books hold a special place in my heart.
so with the cooler weather upon us, cozy jammies and nights with hot tea or a great glass of wine to the books i dive right in. here are a few of my favorites in all different categories: 

 this cookbook is by far one of the most used at our home.
there are notes in many of the pages of recipes i have "doctored" up over the years
but nothing in here disappoints. it is often given as a gift to a new bride as she is sure to
find many wonderful meals for family and friends.

dorthea benton frank is my #1 favorite author to read.
her sweet stories, set in the south, colorful characters, oh my it is just too much.
adore everything she writes. have each of them perfectly sitting on the bookshelf in my room.
oh, and sorry, but if you ask me to borrow one, i may not be able to part with it. : )

crazy love by francis chan. 
it's fantastic. it's going to change your perspective on life, on god. 
on everything really. can't say it enough friends, go. read. this. book.

the little golden books, need i say more? 
really too many children are passing these up these days.
many of these stories have the sweetest life lessons, precious pictures...
my children have a huge collection, some dating back 30 years.
and you know what, we still adore them.
such innocence i long to hold on to as long as i can for these babies.

oh junie b jones! she is at our house one popular girl.
her silly character in the junie b jones series has us laughing outloud.
we are really enjoying getting to know this spunky kindergartener.

kate morton, you are new to me but oh how i love your novels.
they are totally different in terms of what i would normally read and they are a bit long
but oh how wonderfully written. 

this book i read shortly after finishing the help.
it was such a great read. if you loved the help you will love this too.
or at least i hope you do! 

this book is such an incredible resource. 
a valuable resource of a parent of a preemie.
highly recommend.

the help. it wins the award for my favorite book ever.
i was one of those people who even hesitated seeing the movie because i had such vivid images
of this story in my mind that i feared seeing the movie would ruin it. it didn't, it solidified this story for me.
and skeeter may just remind me of one of my most favorite people....  

and this my friends, this right here, it is wrecking me.
it has been more open and vulnerable to myself than ever before.
new things have been unearthed and growth like none other is happening.
powerful book. but i do warn you, it digs deep, super quick.
jennie allen knocks the socks off of a bible study in this one! 
can't sing her praises enough.

so what are your favorite reads??

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