Sunday, June 24, 2012

simple sentiments

the other day i was listening to a pod cast from louie giglio. 
he was preaching on john 16 and really focused in on the last part of the chapter.
i had heard this verse before. 
but this time, i heard it differently. 

in this life we will have trouble.
not we may have trouble, or we might have a challenge in our life. 
we will. 
you will.
i will.
my children, my husband and my friends. 
we will have trouble. 

however, god doesn't leave us there. 
he says "take heart"
 "i have overcome the world"

yes, he overcame the world.
he overcame all that is in this world. 
the sadness, sickness, the hurt, the pain, the fear. 

the insurmountable problem you face. 
he has already over come it. 

so "take heart" my friends. 
the god who created the whole universe, yep, he's got it under control. 
and that's pretty amazing.

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