Friday, June 22, 2012

healthy template, not a diet

so we have decided to change some eating habits around here.
let me make this clear, no one is going on a diet. 
no one is going to completely cut out sugar or carbs or whatever the latest "fad" is.

we are however, going to be more mindful of what we eat.
for the past week we have shed off processed foods, ate minimal breads and pastas.
especially compared to what we typically consume. 

we love to eat, love to entertain, and love to have our family
and friends over for hours at a time enjoying all our favorite foods and drinks. 
sharing a meal and the conversations and memories that includes, that's good stuff. 

but to be honest, that also involves lots of home cooked full fat meals. 
i was raised on real butter, whole milk, and lots of comfort foods. 

 i have done some reading, 
and decided that we are going to do the following, 
eat healthy. not diet, not deprive, but actually feed our bodies. 

the snack aisle at publix, bye bye. 
say hello to lots fresh produce, 
more grass fed  and organic meats when possible.
 so far we are 2 weeks in and there have been minimal complaints.
now that's not to say some one around here isn't asking for "gummies"
or juice boxes. but instead of handing it over we've found alternatives. 
and now 2 weeks in, they aren't even asking. 
amazing how kids can adjust to change so much more smoothly than us adults.

as we go along I will share some recipes are are enjoying. 
the salad at the top is a fave. we are avocado lovers. 

today i am making! 
doesn't that just look like summer in bowl?? yummy!

you are welcome to browse my pinterest page titled "yummy".
just don't judge. don't hate. 
there are some less than healthy choices up on that board. 
i am ok with that. sometimes a good indulgence isn't bad right?
you will find some recipes i plan to try... and some comments about ones we enjoyed. 

so, here's to healthy eating and taking advantage of the tasty harvest of the summer. 

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