Friday, June 29, 2012

friday faves

its been a while since i did a friday faves post.... 
here a few of my favorite pins and pictures from the week.

love this print. found it on pinterest.
however, i can't locate who to give credit to or
where i can get one. i would love to grab one for my sister and i. 
anyone know?

 this lovely place is cut. 
cut is a steakhouse located in the palazzo in las vegas. 
spectacular menu but it is the service that sets it apart.
it is truly an amazing dining experience. 

we really enjoyed our experience here. 
wonderfully appointed rooms.
a gorgeous view of las vegas
and access to all you need nearby....
a mall inside and great shopping.
oh and don't forget the pool.

 this is the winner for the week though.
hands down.
the words contained in this print, they replayed through my mind for almost 2 weeks. 
a whispered echoed...
a promise. 
that is truly my friday fave.
the others are lovely, but this is life giving.

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