Wednesday, August 1, 2012

a review - porch lights by dot frank

late the other night i turned the last page in the book.
dorthea benton frank has long been one of my favorite authors. 
the themes she captures, the settings she paints and the colorful characters 
who i swear could be some of my zany family members. 

her books do not disappoint. 
eagerly i read this selection having pre-ordered it off ibooks months ago. 
while i found it a good read it was quite predictable.
few twists or secrets like some of her other titles but endearing none the less.
easy summer read. 
i really liked the switch between mother and daughter narrators. 
often times giving 2 entirely different perspectives of one situation. 

made me think - what if i did that more. 
what if i stepped back more often and looked at a situation in a total different light?
separated myself from what i quickly surmise and tried to see through another's eyes.
it certainly isn't human nature. 
but what this book highlights is that one situation can easily be seen 2 totally different ways. 
and... often times neither is right or wrong, its just perspective. 
interesting thought. 
something to consider. 

thanks dot frank for another good one.
looking forward to the next! 


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