Saturday, August 25, 2012

secure in the palm of his hand

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have you ever had a day, a week, a month, or lord have mercy,
longer than that feeling like you just didn't "fit"?
unsure of your purpose, your role, your responsibilities in a situation?

it's an unsettling place to be.
we can spend hours, countless sleepless nights, mulling over the feelings of desperation.
insecurity about where the future lies and how we are a part of it.

this past week i've experienced that. 
really over the past year in a certain situation.

one minute thinking i have it all figured out,
only to be told the next, not quite.

it's unsettling.
but you know what else it is?
it can be a tool used to take our eyes off what is truly important.
it can be used as a distraction from our true purpose.
our true identify.
our true self, in Him.

you see, it doesn't matter where or if we "fit" on this earth,
or even if we "fit" at all. 
because we weren't made for this world.
that's why i believe it is such a stretch sometimes. 
we don't fit because we weren't meant to.

we are created for so much more. 
so much more. 
so much more than the roles we try to fit ourselves in. 

you and i dear friend, despite how we may feel. 
despite our minds that tell us otherwise.
there is a place where we do fit.
it's exactly where you and i are right now. 

you may be like me and at times are so distracted by the circumstances of the day
we don't even realize we are in the palm of His hand. 
deep breath, arms stretched high, relief for the weary soul.

my situation may or may not change.
the circumstances that are causing me to feel like i dont know my place may change.
but they may not. 
and that is ok. 
that is ok because when we refocus our eyes and our hearts to what truly matters,
we realize we do fit. 
we fit into the family of our creator. 
we are the daughters of the most high king.
we are resting safely in the palm of His hand. 

so in the stretching, in the discomfort, 
remember this, 
we are meant for so much more. 

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