Wednesday, August 22, 2012

new beginnings

this time of year marks new beginnings for so many.
the peppy high school student headed off to his first day of classes anxious for his game 
under the bright Friday night lights this weekend. 
the sweet and precious kindergarten student about to walk the halls of big kid school, 
bursting with excitement, despite her parents fears of this new chapter in their lives. 

new beginnings oftentimes bring about fear, anxiety, worry, heart break. 
but it also brings about the opportunity for us to make a choice. 
a door opens. 
we have choices. 
we can resign ourselves to the worry, the heartbreak, the panic, the tears. 
the late nights of lost sleep and running the worst case scenario through our minds. 
we can say "my God is bigger, He is greater" 
we can pray over these children headed off into the great unknown 
knowing God knows every hair on their head and every freckle on their sun kissed back.
He loves them deeply and will provide for their every need. 
we can rest assured they are in the palm of His hand, and what a precious place to be. 

i encourage you sweet momma's, aunt's, & nana's worried about their babies
 heading to a new adventure in this great big world,
pray over them. daily. 
pray for their relationship with christ, pray for their choices in friendships, actions and daily life. 
pray that God would bring about friends who will help point them to Him.
pray for their teachers and their staff at their schools. 
pray His patience and love over their lives. 

you know what happens, the worry grows smaller. 
slowly some of my prayers are being answered, in His time.
there has been many moments hearing Him say, "just trust me".
He has revealed Himself in His way, in His time,
but He is faithful. 

i am reminded once again,
the God who feeds the birds, the fish and protects the helpless.
He is watching over.
He is there, ever present. 
if they are fed, protected, taken care of,
then what makes us think He won't do the same for us? 

so as you send your precious baby (5, 15 or 25 years old)
off onto their newest adventure,
rest assured, not a minute will go by without Him overseeing.
one thing i have learned on this journey of faith
is that He watches over His children, they truly are precious in His sight. 

loved abundantly. treasured deeply. 
so join me in prayer as they start down this new path. 
when worry creeps in, make a choice,
stop, pray, pray until the worry subsides. 
dig into the scriptures, His promises are true.

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