Monday, August 20, 2012

a walk to remember ~

today i am looking at wide awake part 2 in the louie giglio series out of passion city church.
if you would like to watch the entire sermon click the link and visit the 'watch button' 

for quite some time this verse has spoken to me. 
it always seemed like such simple advice but such deep truth.

it may the time of year but it seems (for those of us in the world of all things school)
this time of year marks a fresh beginning a new start.
what pointed advice as we head down the halls and into the work place.
pointed advice that truly applies to every situation.

that unfair boss, the co-worker you can't trust, the person the next cubicle over facing
divorce or sickness. they all need to see it.
we can reflect it.
will we? will you? will I?
we have a choice to make.

when we are treated unjustly, will we act justly anyway?
when the co - worker who claims your hard work as theirs will you act justly?
will you love them tenderly anyway?
when your neighbor in cubicle land shares her most recent heartbreak
will you reach out, love her tenderly amidst your busy work day?
can we walk humbly with our God in a work place that tries to shush His glory?

i encourage you sisters in Christ, take this verse to heart.
think of it often. maybe even write it on an index card and tape it to your computer screen.
can you imagine the light of His love that would be reflected if we did this?

good things my friends.
good things would happen.
hearts would be comforted... change could come.
let's see.

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