Saturday, September 1, 2012

a blessing

my favorite part of this poem is the last sentence.
"may you learn to see yourself with the same delight,
pride, and expectation with which God see you in
every moment."

do you do this? 
as women i think this can be so difficult for us. 
many of us wrestle with this, sometimes for a lifetime. 

we see ourselves not even through our own lens, 
and certainly not through the lens of our Father,
we see each other from someone else's lens.
crazy isn't it?

whose lens are you looking through when you look at yourself?
your parents, your friends? 
when you look through that lens who do you see? 
how does it make you feel? 

i am guilty of this.
so many times. 
too many times. 
letting my view of myself come from someone else. 
then allowing that view to become all i see. 
allowing that to develop my self worth, who i am. 
and every time, every single time, 
i have come up short. 

but then there is a whisper, a reminder.
who i am in the eyes of my creator, my Father. 
my view changes. 
the way i look at myself changes. 
those short falls, those times where i just don't measure up,
they are burned to ashes. 

i encourage you to change the lens you are looking through. 
examine whose lens you are borrowing, 
if it isn't from Him, you have the wrong looking glass. 
there is so much more than what this world 
wants you to see. 

you are precious, perfect and blameless in His sight. 

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