Monday, September 17, 2012

nothing and everything

life lately has been consumed with routine, the mundane, typical family life stuff.
likely much of the same stuff that goes on at your house
as i laid in bed last night 
i was wrapped up in thought.

lately if someone had asked me 
"what have y'all been up to?"
my answer would have been "nothing"

but you know what? 
that isn't true.
it is so stinking far from true.
and i couldn't be more thrilled!
we have been up to so, so, so, much more than "nothing".

our days have been consumed with life.
a beautiful, gorgeous, full life.
our nights aren't filled with the city lights and my days aren't spent lunching
with famously important people. i don't always wear the perfect outfit 
nor look like i just stepped out of a magazine. 
our living room likely won't grace the next southern living.
but it's real. and it's so much more than anything i could have ever dreamed.
it isn't picture perfect each day and i certainly won't try to paint that here.
we have children who cry when they don't always get what they want or stay up too late.
we have relationships we struggle with in our family.
we have bills, and work stress, and on and on. 

but in the midst of all that. in the midst of "nothing"
we have everything. 
we have precious people to love on, read stories to, and laugh with.
we have meals together that involve stories and life lessons
we have football games on friday nights
and dinner at a local hole in the wall with too much greasy food.
we have friends to share church and brunch on sunday.
we have each other, we have love. 
above all else, we have Him. 
we have a peace that passes understanding
and a Savior who loves us without limitations
despite failing Him daily. 

you see, it wasn't too long ago, we weren't sure of all this.
it wasn't too long ago games under the friday night lights,
and brunch after church and falling asleep with both kids under one roof was not normal.
our world was upside down, how it looked when it flipped? 
well that was anybodies guess. 
we weren't sure this would be "life".
God knew. 

so tonight when i fell asleep
after a weekend of simple,
of laundry and cleaning, 
of loving on babies and husbands
and sitting in the church pew.

"nothing" sounds priceless.
because in the end it is everything.
it is everything to me. 

my heart could not be more grateful.
i have never been so grateful for a weekend of "nothing"
it was a hard lesson.
it was a painful one...
one that literally ripped me to pieces.
but one that brought me to a level of understanding,
of faith, of trust i likely could have missed otherwise.

sometimes in life i have found that the secret of true happiness
is in the little things.
it is in the mundane and in the routine
that our biggest and best blessings reside.

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