Monday, September 10, 2012

defining moments

made by me

all of us are faced with defining moments.
for some of you i say "defining moment"
and your right smack dab in your biggest defining moment.
maybe it was truly just that, a moment, maybe it lasted longer.
more like a season, or seasons. 
many moments tied together.

we all have them.
a wise person said,
"defining moments, your either in one, just got out of one or you're about to face one"
i am in one. 
in a big way. 

it's a good place to be.... 
but if i am honest,
it isn't always comfortable. 
there are some growing pains.
some stretching of the soul, of the comfort zone.
of the, what will others think. 

then there is the voices who tell me no.
you aren't qualified.
you aren't enough.
you aren't ready.
the list could go on. 

but i am reminded,
"defining moments, often start with you being scared to death
and your inadequacies won't stop God 
from doing something good in you."
here's the tough part,
"you just have to willing to say yes"

i am going to say yes.
i am saying yes. 
for me this means several things.

there is something He wants to do in my life.
there is something He wants to do in your life. 
it will start the moment we say yes.
will you say yes with me? 

what would happen if we met God and got real,
said, yes. 
what would happen in our homes?
what would happen in our communities?
what would happen in hearts?

the possibilities are endless.
He is clear on this fact
He is with you.
He is with me.

i encourage you today, to search your soul.
what is He calling you to do?
i believe i know what He is asking of me. 

will you say yes?

1 comment:

  1. Just wanted to encourage you and let you know how beautiful your blog is sweet friend! And this

    Oh in the place of yes is where we meet the Father on a new level! Come out into the deep....

    I owe you an email and I want to talk to you about the book too...

    And about that thing the Father is prodding you to do...

    Do it.

    As Joyce Meyer says..."Do it afraid!"

    Thank you for your incredibly encouraging comments and shine so brightly with His heart!

    Thank you,