Friday, September 7, 2012

favorite verse

made by me

i love this verse. 
really, i think of it more as a promise. 
i like promises a lot.
pinky promises sealed with a kiss.

this is a sweet promise dear friends.
a promise that whatever giant you are facing.
whatever that thorn is in your side,
He is already there. 
He knows what you face.
He has gone before you. 
He is standing with you. 
picture it, arm and arm, you and Him. 
facing your giants together. 
burdens are lighter when shared with a friend.
what better friend than the King of Kings, your Father.

somehow that makes the unknown a little less frightening doesn't it?
He promises us, his children, that He has gone before us.
He will not leave us.
He is there with us.

With you:
in the waiting room of the drs office
next to the hospital bed
at the counselors office
with you. 

He won't abandon you. 
promise, sweet promise.
you are taken care of. 

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