Monday, October 29, 2012


yesterday while driving i heard a quote that made me stop and actually have to write it down.
it was that good. it resonated with me for the weekend actually. 
"adorn your lifestyle with the gospel and then you can share it with your word"
powerful stuff isn't it? 

it really got me thinking about the kind of person i want to be.
do i adorn my lifestyle with the gospel?
surely anyone who reads this blog or takes a look at my pinterest page can tell, i'm a christian.
 i am a big sinner and i am proud to say i am saved by an even bigger God. 
however, does my life style reflect that?
do my everyday actions reflect what i love writing about? 

there are days if you were in my kitchen at 5pm as dinner is being made, the kids are running around the house, lunches are being prepped for the next day and the phone is ringing and the dog is barking to be fed,  homework needs to be done and book logs need to be completed....
you may question the source of my life. you may see snippy responses and a not so patient momma.

there are days at work when something has gone wrong, again, or someone on the other end of the line upset and their voice pierces my ear, and a meeting starts in 10 mins and my email box is so full it can't accept or send any more email and i have one last message to get out, you may wonder what's this girl all about?
because what you see is someone who's patience is running thin and "cool calm and collected" the 3 friends she needs the most have taken a most convenient vacation. 

it's during those day to day moments that it's so easy to forget and let it slip through my mind that He's got this. He's got this crazy mess under control, and you know what? to Him, it's not that big of a deal.
but you know what is a big deal? how i react to those routine life happenings.
it says far more than any words i could write or catchy pin on pinterest.

it got me thinking about the conversations i have and about the choices i make.
does my day to day life reflect that of someone who has their eyes on Him? 
or does my day to day life reflect some other picture.
would an outsider see a woman who has become dependent on her Heavenly Father 
for a single breath? 

you see, God has done some amazing things in my life.
some awesome things that are nothing short of a miracle
He has taken my weakest moments and used them for His good.
there are some instances where events have been meant for my destruction but He changed all of that.
He used them for His glory and for my good.
He used them to draw me unto Himself, and teach me what love looks like.
i can tell you all about them but if i don't live like i believe it, what then? 
would you value my story? would you be able to see the power behind His hand in my life.
or would it just be words to a story? 

we have a choice to make.
i have a choice to make, everyday.
 live like we belong to Him or not.
we can tell people about God all we want. we can recite verses and go to church.
but do people notice?
what people notice is changed lives. what gets their attention is lifestyle. action.
we can share His love in a practical way by the way we chose to live our day to day life.
we can be the difference, we don't have to be the norm.
and eventually you know what? people will notice.
they may even ask? 
"what's different about you?"
and maybe you will have the opportunity to share what is different, He's what makes you different.

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