Friday, October 26, 2012

friday faves

friday faves

it's been a while since a friday faves post.
here's a collection of items that are occupying my list of fall must haves!

have you seen the fall / winter list of "target shops"
oh my, miss tory burch, my all time fave designer next to lilly of course has a few items
at the shops of target!!! get out of town! 

this lucky bag i have had for a few years but i still adore it.
my sister gifted it to me for my birthday one year.
my bag is slightly lighter in color, camel.
and it is such a fabulous fall find!

chanel, coco 
such a great fall scent
maybe not the traditional fall scent
but it's been a perfect addition to the rotation

tory flats
i can't get enough. wear them almost daily.

frye boots, melissa.
blame it on nordstrom's and their darn good marketing department.
you know what though, fabulous! 

and this, this my friends, will always be on my friday faves list.
it doesn't have to be written, but pumpkin spice latte, its there, forever.
it is the sign of fall. 

what are some of your fall friday faves?


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