Monday, October 1, 2012

stuck - by jennie allen

this week my small group is starting this study.
couldn't be more thrilled to walk through this with some pretty amazing women.
some of us have similar pieces in our life stories, some very different.
and then there are some pieces we don't know about each other. 
pieces that hurt, pieces that are at the root of where we are stuck.
but there is something we all share. 
we know our God is bigger, He is greater than anything that has us stuck.
we know the truth He brings and of life eternal.
we've committed a few months together. 
to say i am excited, that's an understatement.

in all honesty, i am mess.
i am a big, hot mess.
i mess up daily,
i fall short hourly.
but you know what?
He is bigger. 
He forgives me. 
He gives me grace by the truckloads.
and luckily, so does my family. 

in this study we are promised that it won't be all "jesus loves you" and have a great week.
jennie promises that we will dig down deep into our hearts.
we will be carving out hidden sin. 
sin we think we have tucked away. 
sin that we know God sees. 
it isn't truly hidden. 

but she also promises that we will see God get bigger and bigger.
and as that happens we can see life in a whole new way. 
good stuff and i can't wait.

i'm not afraid to admit i am mess. 
i need Him. daily, hourly.

we're going to go to some places where broken hearts reside.
so grateful for the girls who are coming alongside me for this study.
praying for them daily as we gear up to grow together.

today i spent some time studying the lesson for our first session. 
a few things stuck out to me that i really held on to


as we go through the study i will be sure to share how things are going.
have you ever done this study? if so what was your experience? 

also, one last thing, 
will you pray for us? 

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