Wednesday, October 24, 2012

who are you?

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who are you? no really, who are you?
are you like me, wearing many tiaras?
the list can be endless sometimes.
our roles. our responsibilities. our titles.
but do they define us?
or maybe other things come to mind when i ask "who are you?"
maybe you hear other titles, other not so socially acceptable titles
titles that you or those around you have given, marked by deeds or circumstances from your past.
does that define you?
do you let it?
do i?

tough stuff there.
of course we answer, no, no way.
i know what i have answered.
but is that the truth?

our world loves identity. a unique identity.
everyone is searching to show the world who they are. stake their claim.
but the one thing i find funny about it all,
 is that in trying to find our own version of ourselves we look to others to define us.
we look to our parents, our children, our jobs, our friends
we look to define ourselves in the roles that will make us liked or more accepted in our community.
all the while missing the real blueprint.
it's already there.
it's you. it's me.
plain and simple.
just as we are, created just as we are by a God who doesn't make mistakes.
and if it is impossible for our perfect God to make mistakes
and if He gets it right every, single time,
then what does that say about you?
what does that say about me?

our identity is found in one place.
it is found in who He created us to be.
we have to start rejecting the idea of every false identity we have created for ourselves
 and accept the one truth of who we are, in Him.

we all operate out of who we think we are.
that's imperative to our daily life.
our sense of who we are, who we are meant to be needs to come from Him.
we are designed to be in an intimate relationship with our Father.
knowing the love and value He places on our lives.
to truly understand and live out who He created us to be
to follow the unique blueprint for our lives we have to be in regular communication with Him.

a few years ago i battled some tough stuff.
rejection of a parent.
cut off, non - existent.
and i struggled. the pain was unbearable at times.
i struggled with "if i can just be tossed aside, forgotten, not a care in the world by the person who gave me life, then what does that say about me?" tough place to be in.
from there it was years of discovering who I am in Him.
finding out who He created me to be, my perfect heavenly father, who never left or forsake me.
He didn't forget me. He didn't toss me aside.
instead He called me unto Himself, lavished His grace, mercy and love upon me.
He demonstrated to me through the bible, study and written word that He created me for a time such as this.
He created me perfectly. He loves me deeply.
He let me see that people may disappoint us,
circumstances may wound us, but His mercies are new every day.
His love never ends.
i got lost in that love and years later i can say healing happens.
i no longer see myself as the girl who's parent doesn't care about her.
i no longer see myself as someone who can be tossed aside, left, forgotten.
i can see myself as loved deeply by my God.

if i had let that define who i am... if i had let that rejection paralyze me in that chapter of my life
oh the great blessings i would have missed.
don't get me wrong, there was pain, there were difficult days to walk through i don't wish upon anyone.
but it was during the pressing down, the stretching, the growing pains that i discovered who God created me to be. i discovered the person and started heeding the direction and call He had for my life.
what happened to me wasn't fair, it was meant for my destruction, but God, used it for so much more.
we have a choice to make.
we can let others define us and act out of those descriptions
or we can let Him show us what a perfect creation He made in us.

if we do anything but the second option friends, we are selling ourselves short of some serious blessings.
life, in my book, is about loving God, and loving others.
years ago, i could have chosen to revel in the pain, paralyzed there for the rest of my life.
i'm not sure how much i would have been loving my God, and certainly not loving others.
taking the second option brought so much more.
taking the second option sets us free!

we can discover our true identity in Him.
we can make a difference in lives of people.
we can live the life we were created for.

sweet friends, He has a call on your life, He has a plan that no one but you can accomplish.
He can take that situation you are walking through and use it for His good, for your blessing.
we just have to let go, and let Him.
will you do that?
praying that we will all have the courage to do it.
He's going to meet us there. He promises we will never walk alone.

who are you?

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