Friday, April 12, 2013

friday faves ~ spring time edition

oh my word, the heat is among us!
ok well maybe not all over the country, i see your ice covered pictures on instagram.
but here in the south the heat and humidity has arrived!
but you know what that means?
spring time fashion
i love the spring, i love that we can put away those coats and close toed shoes.
bring on the bright colors and flip flops.

this friday i am going to feature a few of my favorite items from around the web for spring 2013.

have y'all seen this yet? 
i am a blue mason jar collector. 
but this pretty thing has my name all over it!
at $24.99 on zulily what is not to love!
if those sweet people over at zulily want to send me one i'd be happy to do a review. ; )

you knew my spring list would have something lilly didn't you?
is this not adorable? 
with all the wonderful fabric and style choices from lilly a girl could go crazy picking just one!

this little number could take me right on through summer.
how cute is this?
perfect tunic for all your spring and summer events
source unknown

yes, monogrammed shoes. what's next right?
these little ballet flats are sure to be the next addition to my monogram mania.
if you know the source, do tell, i would love to order a pair. 

isn't she lovely?
the whole package is just darling!

michael kors, every season you do it again.
you and tory, making me swoon with all these purses.
birthday wish list?
yes please!

how sweet!
what a lovely gift for a new june bride, a graduate or yourself! 

what are some of your spring fashion favorites? 

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