Friday, April 26, 2013

friday faves ~ beauty products

So this week for Friday faves I am going to walk you through some of my favorite beauty products.
Shallow yes, fun? yes it's fun. I love make up. It's just fun!
But like I always say, true beauty and being a princess has nothing at all to do with your appearance, it's all in your heart, how you treat people, oh and remember "you're a daughter of the king"!
So on with the fun.

every day starts with this gem.
it's the cream version and about 2 times a week I use the scrub version.
it is fabulous and doesn't dry my skin out... and it removes eye make up.
that makes me happy.
i hate it when i wash my face and the mascara is still there. grosses me out.

all winter i use this product and love it.
for the drier weather it hydrates and it smells lovely.
sometimes it can be a bit heavy in the summer when the air is so humid
and i switch to something a little lighter

under eye cream.
yes i use this now.
yes i know this means i am old.

this has been my latest night creme.
the results aren't in yet.

this summer my girlfriend and i booked a make up date while we were in vegas.
by default we ended up at chanel.
it was a gift from the make up goddesses.
i fell in love with chanel that sultry hot afternoon.
this foundation goes on lovely for a light coat or can be applied for a heavier coverage.
it is fabulous and the scent, divine.
since using this my face has really changed, less breakouts and redness.
it is worth every cent.
i don't say that lightly. for years i was a "get your make up at target" kinda gal.
then this happened.

these little quad shadows are quite spectacular.
again, they are worth every cent.
they are so pigmented you don't need a ton and it lasts all day.
there are a few i rotate through the week because they are so fun i can't pick a staple.
and because color is fun.

my sister introduced me to this little gem.
i was sold on the chanel black mascara until i ran out one day and couldn't get to the mall.
she suggested this.
little sister knows a few things friends.
she was right.
it knocked the socks of chanel.
sorry chanel, you have it on alot of stuff but this is like magic.
i have used the waterproof and the regular and both go on and off nicely.

lipstick love.
i am a lipstick girl.
gloss every once in a while.
but lipstick every day and chanel it is.
again, that darn appt this past summer hooked me.
but like most chanel products dollar for dollar it's worth its weight in gold.

clearly i am all over the make up board.
having tried lots of things i have weeded through the duds and found what works for me.
this MAC bronzer in golden.
love, love love.
i'm pale.
i need bronzer.
i burn in the real sun so this is the answer.

then a little dab on the cheeks and I am about set to go!

when it comes to scent i have 2 that are my tried and true go to scents.

coco chanel mademoiselle is my all time favorite.
the hubby also loves this so it is worn often.

but this is a close second

philosophy's amazing grace
it's light but distinct and feminine.

what are your favorite beauty products?
do share!

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