Monday, April 29, 2013

for when we know what we're supposed to do

you are faced with a decision.
you've prayed, you've talked to your best girl friends about it.
you've laid in bed awake more hours than you can count spinning it around in your head.
you rationalize that you are "waiting for direction"...
but really? is that what we're doing?
are we waiting for direction or are we delaying answering His call on our lives?

how many times have we done just this?
belaboring the ins and outs.
looking at it from every angle when really... we know what to do.
we know what direction He has given us.
it has happened to me.
i dare to say it has happened to you. 

about a year ago i knew. just knew He was asking me to do something.
i ignored it.
yes i did. for a long time. i ignored God.
i used every excuse in the book, let me share a few... see if you can relate?
"i'm not qualified" "what would that look like" "i dont know what i am doing" 
"i am not sure i heard him right, He couldn't be talking to me" 
"i dont have time"
how many of those start with "i"
ugh ~ too many.
i was so focused on what "i" couldn't do and not focused enough on what God could do. 

after a while I couldn't ignore it.
one sunday in church our pastor was preaching and i could feel my husbands eyes burning a hole right through me. you see he knew what i was wrestling with. i honestly think he knew before i did what i was supposed to do... or maybe he just knew and i was still in denial.

that night i said to him, "i know what i am supposed to do and i can't ignore this any longer".
 it has gotten to the point where i couldn't ignore it any more. after emailing my sweet friend sibi there was no turning back. she gave me the push i needed. 
as she told me "sometimes you have to say yes in fear"
so, say yes in fear i did. i prayed and told God yes i would be obedient to His call.
i didn't know anything other than that.... 

then it was like nothing i had ever experienced. it was like once i said yes to His plan no matter what that meant, even in fear, the pieces fell together.
now one year later it was by far the best decision i ever made. 

so many times we know exactly what we are supposed to be doing.
we know what He wants from us but we push that call aside, we ignore, we deny,
we rationalize why we must be confused and "goodness gracious He would never call me to do THAT"

well friend, let me tell you this
He will not call you to do something with out giving you the power to do it.
He will not call you to come out in to the waters with out clearing the path.

what is it that speaks to you in the midnight hour?
what is it that He is gently nudging you about when your driving down the road?
let me encourage you, don't ignore it, don't push aside His nudge.
you see, when I did that i was denying myself an incredible gift that He had for me...
i was denying some precious women around me a gift as well... 
i was so busy hanging on to my insecurities I didn't have the free hands to open it up.
once i laid those down and my hands were free ~ oh my word.

all He asks is that we say yes. He promises to take care of the rest.
will you let Him? 
what is He asking you?
do share, i'd love to hear from you!

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