Wednesday, April 24, 2013

how He sees you

hello friends ~ 

have you ever wondered how God sees you?
there are times when I have made my own assumptions how He sees me.
Oh boy, the places my mind goes after I know, I've really blown it.
Maybe you have blown it too. 
Maybe you haven't but maybe someone makes you feel like you are less than.
Those times I loose my patience over play-doh in the grout and marker on the new table.
Sometimes I am embarrassed how He must see me in that moment.
But you know what? He has so much more grace for us than we have for ourselves.

A Max Lucado quote struck me today and I just had to share.... I even made a printable... 
(feel free to print and hang on your mirror and read everyday if you need this precious reminder)
because maybe, like me, you need to be reminded of how HE sees you. 

He doesn't see us through our eyes, the only one we are capable of using as our point of reference.
Thank goodness He doesn't see us through that lens.
He sees us through the lens with the beautiful filter of grace. 
Grace for those moments when we feel "less than".

On May 17th some of my sweet blogger friends who have become in real life friends are joining me on a fabulous adventure that is God inspired... The Pearl Event ~ The Triple Strand.
No this isn't about Pearls or Fashion or even blogs.
It is about Jesus.
It is about the blessing we receive as inheritance as a daughter of the king.
It is about forgiveness, life and love in Him. 

On May 17th I'm going to be sharing more of my story.
More about finding your true identity through His lens and filter of grace instead of the worlds.
I'd love for you to join us.... 
Just click on either of the Pearl Event Logo's on the right hand side of the page for more details. 

So today, as you go about life, toss that old dusty, clouded lens away.
Look at yourself through what He sees.
You are so beautiful, You are so loved,
You are a Precious Princess.

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