Tuesday, July 10, 2012

christmas in july ~ it's a celebration

christmas in july!
really? well i used to think this idea was insane...
maybe even too much of a jump on the pending holiday season.
i mean why get all excited about something that is 6 months away?

but you know what? 
it is something to be excited about.
it is something to anticipate.
well, for me, it's the celebration of the birth of my savior. 
now that's something to dance in the street about. 
the past 2 years in our home we have attempted to make some shifts.
shifts towards a more christ centered christmas.

 here are a few ideas I hope to incorporate this year...

these will absolutely be on my gifting list.
what a sweet gift for a friend, a hostess or teacher!
might even whip up a few for each family member!

one of these little beauties from this lovely etsy shop would be just perfect on our back door to the porch. 
check out this shop, simply adorable for all seasons, holidays, and celebrations!

 hoping to add to my bottle brush collection. 
a pink tree would be the ultimate find!

each year we make cookies for friends and family.
this year we will be adding a tag, maybe this one! 
just a simple way to share why we are really celebrating!

 i make a cake to eat on christmas eve after the service for jesus.
while it is not professionally done as this beauty,
the sentiment is the same.
we sing happy birthday jesus and say thank you! 

last year I didn't hear about this idea until a week before christmas. 
so we decided to wait until this year to start the tradition.
we read every night. i am a word nerd. so its just part of the routine around here.
but how fun is this! 
wrap 25 christmas books and unwrap and read one a night.
my goal is to collect as many christ centered books as i can.
they are already bombarded with the worlds idea of christmas. 
i want to flood them with the true meaning.
what a great opportunity. 
might have to hit up the local library early! 

what does your family do? 

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