Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"grace moved the stone" thoughts

source unknown, if you know who designed this please let me know so i may give proper credit.

"grace moved the stone" is the latest podcast from louie giglio, pastor of passion city church.
if you click the link it will take you to his site and message link.
i believe it was his message from july 8th.

from time to time i like to watch his sermons and never ever am i disappointed.
there is so much truth, so much wisdom, there is just so much.
i first heard about louie when my pastor showed his clip on laminin.
astounding. especially during such a time of uncertainty, fear and tears.
but that clip, healing words.
then through the lovely paige knudsen who is lucky enough to hear this man preach in person.

grace moved the stone was awesome.
in it he explores john 20.
i had read john 20, even made a few notes the last few times i had been over it.
but louie takes another look, a deeper look.
one i had not considered.
in it we see God.
we see who he is by what he does.
in His human form.
love in action.
we learn about a promise.
do you know about the promise of john 20?
i didn't until today.
but it is wonderful and i am thrilled to know now.

louie points out the promise of john 20 is this:
He's already there, He's already done the work for us.
we just have to show up,
we have to be willing,
we have to trust,
but the battle, the hard work, it's done.

what do i mean?
if we look at john 20:1
the first sentence says it all.
"early on the first day of the week, while it was still dark,
Mary Magdelene, went to the tomb and saw that the stone had been removed
from the entrance."

picture it, early sunday morning, before the sun had broken the horizon,
Mary went to the tomb to care for Jesus body.
even in His death, she was serving Him.
that strikes me.
but when she gets there, He is gone.
there is no body to care for. He has risen!
He had already taken care of it.

that's a great promise He makes through His actions.
she is willing, she trusts, she is "showing up" to do His work.
but He has already done it.
what a picture of grace.

what is going on in your life?
what is asking you to do?
i know what He is asking me to do.
He is showing me clearly.
there has been some kicking, some screaming, and buckets up on buckets of tears.
struggle, heartache, fear.
but you know what?
He is already there, the battle has been won,
i just need to show up.

later on in chapter 20
specifically vs 19-20.
we see another example of His love, His grace, in action. 
 "on the evening of that first day of the week, when the disciples were together,
with the doors locked for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood among them and
said "Peace be with you." After he said this, He showed them his hands and side. The disciples
were overjoyed, when they saw the Lord."

the disciples, locked in a room, in the midst of paralyzing fear, confusion, 
uncertainty for their futures.... 
and Jesus appears. 
you notice He didn't knock, He didn't ask to come in. 
"He came and stood among them."
and with that he says
"peace be with you"
He goes on to show them His hands and side.
He is connecting his wounds to the evidence that it truly is Him
and that it is through His wounds he imparts peace.

what a lovely picture of grace.

there is so much here.
there is so much that you just need to watch for yourself.
today i settled in with a cup of hot green tea, my bible and my notebook...
it was precious pearls of wisdom that encourages me
it assures me that this call He has been placing on my heart isn't too big.
for He has already been there. He has won the battle.
i just need to show up, i just need to trust.
what has He placed on your heart?

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