Wednesday, July 18, 2012

joy's hope & a printable

source - joy's hope

do yourself a favor, hope on over to joy's hope. 
i've been a joy's hope blog reader for quite some time.
actually i think she's one of the first bloggers i ever read. 
it's good stuff.
real life, honest momma. 
she shares her heart. she shares her story and she shares printables.
best part, she loves Christ!
she's good people. 
you'll see.
she encourages us all to do more, be more, spread sunshine.

she made this printable above
it was on her post today.
it's awesome. 
it's awesome because i get that statement. 
i love dessert, candy, cokes, sweet tea, ice cream, all of it. 
so i run. 
well that's not the only reason i run but it's part of it. 
for real. 

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