Sunday, July 15, 2012

pray more, worry less ~

found this print on etsy today... it's fitting. 
it's super cute too. 
it's kinda something i have been working on. 
trying to "pray more & worry less".
some days i am an epic fail. 
big fat fail. 
like when one of my friends or loved ones has a potential health issue...
just as a side note, health issues = super scary uncertainty for me. 
which in turn means, lots of worrying. 
i digress. 

praying more and worrying less isn't quite my nature. 
however, it's something God is working on with me. 
i say that because the last few months we've had a few health scares.
i can't help but think He's saying "trust me". 
as i lay in bed at night going to the worst of places in my head... 
there is an echo, "but do you trust Me?"
and my thought pattern changes....

yes, yes i do trust You. 
because despite the circumstances of the day,
He is still the same. God is still good.

it is a day by day change.
a shift in the way my mind wants to work. 
my flesh is weak and i fail miserably on my own.

but when i just stop worrying,
my mind goes to how great our God is.
how much bigger He is than what i face.
no matter what it is. 
health issue or not. 

this life is guaranteed to have difficulty. 
we know troubles will come.
it's what we do that makes the difference. 

so join me, pray more & worry less. 

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