Monday, December 3, 2012


as we continue through our study of “stuck” by jennie allen
we are talking about being scared this week.

There are so many things we can be scared of and for all of us, it is something different.
I’d venture to say the things I struggle with you may not even bat an eye lash at… and then flip it around and the reverse may be true. However, at the core of who we are, we worry, we struggle. Fear and anxiety are so real, crippling real for some. To be honest, for me it is something I struggle with in one area of my life right now and it is so real to me I could touch it. It has all but stopped something God has put on my heart. To write that I am saddened I have let that happen. A wise woman once told me that sometimes, we have to say yes in fear and press on. Believe me, I hear her in my head. : ) I also hear the Father saying, keeping going…. But that is where I am at right now and I want to keep things real.

In studying this topic I have found several things….
The most important one being, it is a universal problem.
The good news, there is a universal solution.

Reading Matthew 6:25-34 we’re reminded that we matter to God, He sees us, just like he takes care of the birds of the air and the flowers in the field He will care for us too. He reminds us that we are far more precious and who are we to think He won’t provide those needs?

It’s one of those simple concepts that as I write it it’s like, “well duh”. But how often, how often do I get caught up in my own little situation, my own little world and I can’t see beyond myself to even be reminded of this promise? Too often. Way too often, sad to say.
In preparation for my study Wednesday night I have pulled out some notes… and in the bible the phrase “fear not” is mentioned 446 times, the statement “do not fear” is mentioned 246 times. What does this mean for us? Yes, clearly God is addressing fear a lot. But why? Why did He say almost 700 times, 700 times girls, that we are not be afraid? Because He knows this is such a real problem. He knows we are going to struggle with fear, and worry and anxiety. He knows these emotions are going to consume many days and likely even more nights. He knows these emotions will be used as a tool to take our focus off Him, off what He has for our lives, what He has to say. 
Let me speak this into your life, into my own life, we can’t let this happen.
We can't let this be used as a tool to take our eyes off of Him. What He has for us is far too precious to miss it! It is far too valuable to not be able to savor the goodness He has for our lives if we just let Him guide us and focus on His message for our lives.

Jennie relates this fear and anxiety in a way I had never heard before but when I read it I could see myself. She says it is like a sit and spin…  oh my gosh, I can see it. How many times have I sat and spun. Round and round and round over and over until I am flat worn out. My hair looks like I took ride on a tilt a whirl and I am beat. There is nothing left and have gotten nowhere. I’ve expelled a great amount of energy and nothing happened.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who could relate to this?
So what do we do? Where do we go from here?
We have a problem and we know it’s real and it’s powerful?

We pray, we spend time in His word, we present our requests to God, we find peace in meditating on His promises. We seek whatever is pure, noble, trustworthy, just, honorable, lovely and commendable. We spend our energy and our time to the practice of those things. We let ourselves get worn out seeking His will and guidance for our lives instead of sitting on that emotional sit and spin. We seek community and fellowship with other Christians who can lift us up and encourage us along the way. We let ourselves be consumed by His greatness. It is a challenge and one I want to accept. You see, I have tried the other way. I have spent far too many sickening hours on that sit and spin and come up empty. I’ve also known what it is to trust Him and every time I’ve done that He has blessed me. Things don’t always turn out the way I hope, or the way I think they should… and sometimes years later I have been able to see why and His fingerprints are all over…. And what I come to see is that at the time I couldn’t see what He was doing but the hindsight gave light into His favor and protection, His ultimate care for His child. He cares for you in the same way. 
Will you take the challenge with me?

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