Tuesday, December 25, 2012

holding our loved ones close and my word for 2013?

this holiday season we drew inwards, we celebrated with close family and friends 
and it was such a season of special memories... i hate to see it end. 
such a bittersweet time on christmas day. 
my heart is full for all the love and laughter and lives that filled my home the past 3 days.
my feet are aching and i am beyond tired but my mind it races with the memories made, still so fresh. 

one thing rang true for me over the past few days and it was to hold your loved ones close. 
life is so fragile as we all know and in an instant it can all change. 
one fell swoop and life as we know it is never the same. 

as i grow older and life teaches me more i am often pausing to revel in it's lessons.
the past few weeks especially i have really felt in my heart such a need to share my love for those around me.
ensure they know they are a treasure to me.
to hug someone just a bit longer, really listen to their laugh 
or feel their soft skin as we hold hands to pray at the family table.
being sure to tell them i love them when they leave my home not just tell them good bye.

i want to love these people in my life well. i want them to know i care, that they are special and loved.

this is the time of year i really try to reflect on the past year,
reflect on my word of meditation from the past year
and decide which virtue to move into the following year.

two years ago my word of action was, simplify.
i simplified my life down to bare bones so i could focus on what mattered most.
last year my word was, intentional.
being intentional in my decisions, my family and in my relationship with Christ.

this year there are a few ideas swirling around in my head.
prayers are offered to help lead me in my next word of the year.
i think it will have something to do with those around me this year....

do you have a word of the year?
if so how do you decide which one? 

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