Wednesday, December 19, 2012

reflection and ramblings

this weekend we took things slow, we lingered a bit longer…
the tragedy in CT leaves us all in shambles.
for the families of those who went to heaven too soon, they especially.
for those in the newtown community there are pieces to pick up, healing to begin…
they too have a life that will never, ever be the same.
for all of us, life will never be the same.

Geographically we are not all as close to the scene but in our hearts we’re all connected.
connected as human beings pining for the pain of others, connected as fellow educators who can barely imagine what it was like in those classrooms, and as parents, hearts breaking for the momma’s and daddie’s who won’t tuck those precious babies in bed at night or read them a story before nodding off to sleep or see them accomplish all they had dreamed.

for me it has again, made me want to slow down.  I have referenced this in thepast. How a desire to slow down, experience life and live, really live, it shaped my word of the year, choices, and decisions as a parent. As an adult it has single handedly been one my best decisions, ever. These most recent events solidify the importance… the importance of spending precious time with these babies during the fleeting moments of childhood, ensuring over and over again how special, loved and treasured they are. Time spent knitting together the fabric of our family strength, teaching them the core values of our faith, not just in word but in deeds and in actions. Letting them see us live out our beliefs which can only be done by spending quality time together.

this past weekend I found myself hugging my loved ones tighter, running my fingers through their silky soft hair taking in the way it felt, nuzzling in close as they drifted off to sleep soaking in their scent of bubble bath and sweet skin, looking at their precious faces, studying every inch of their beauty, telling them over and over again they are precious, they are perfect, they are loved and they are a treasure to me, their daddy and God.

as we all move forward one thing i hope to take from this is that life is short, and these people on this journey of life with me are so precious and even if they get tired of hearing it, i’m going to share how special, precious and loved they are.

to the families most closely affected, I’m praying, praying for peace, the comfort of happy memories, and strength for them to face each day. Praying for the staff at the school who will go back after break, bravely, facing all that happened and above all caring for our future generation with love and dedication. Continue to join me in prayer …. 
He promises to bind up their wounds…

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