Friday, December 28, 2012

friday faves - pink edition

this week's friday faves is going to center around my favorite color, right now. ; ) 
pink. this color has forever been a fave... but right now i'm really drawn to it. 
here are a few of my favorite pink items from around the web.

isn't she a beauty?
since we remodeled about a year ago i have been on the hunt for a chandelier for my closet.
pink is and will be the color of choice.... but i may have to opt for clear... 
since i share this closet with a manly man.... 
however, this little gem is super cute isn't it? 
the trick is finding one that doesn't hang too low... 

this phone booth is just romantic.
i know we're well into the days of our own cell phones but goodness!
i would love to take a call in this little pretty... 
or be kissed by my handsome hubby inside.....

these gem stone necklaces are quickly filling up my jewelry stand.
they are such great statement pieces and add that touch of color and pop i love!

every girl deserves a great pair of shoes she feels fabulous in.
these little pink peep toe heels make me swoon! 
wouldn't you love to slide your foot in these and dance the night away? 

love trucks. 
love men in trucks.
but this pink truck, i would drive it all over.
not practical at this stage in my life but the hubby knows,
one day, when the car seats are done...
a vintage truck, wagoneer or jeep is in my future.
pink or aqua... either will do. 


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