Friday, December 7, 2012

friday faves - runner girl edition

Maybe because i have a run tomorrow night, or because it's just the time of year my sister and i are gearing up for our half marathon but it's running time. Get up and go girls!
Here are a few of my favorite pins from my pinterest board runner girl?
do you follow me yet? no? well come on over!!!!

how cute is this? it's on my santa wish list.... it's pink and monogrammed and it's for running. 
it's a need, right? 

love this, to me this statement sums it up.
i'm not out there to have the fastest time, lord knows i don't.... 
but it's about me, beating what i could do before, love that. 
it's me, the road and my thoughts. 

this half is my goal. so want to run this. so bad.
last year the timing wasn't right. 
but maybe in 2013? 
it's seaside, i have to do this one!

see these shoes? yes these lovely gems revolutionized my running.
my toes hate nike. or maybe nike just doesn't like my toes. 
it took medical intervention to fix those puppies, and then, these came along.
oh my word. bless the day. never going back girls. these babies are heaven.
and light, so super light.... adore.

what girl doesn't look adorable in one of these. add a monogram and perfection is created. 
hope it's warm enough in february to wear one to the half. cuteness all over!

sonya, girl you rock. watching her at the olympics with her God given talent that she put with hard work and determination and hours of training. yes, she is a hero of mine. i'd love to chat with her... 

so there's my friday faves for this week. 
do you run? 

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