Friday, May 31, 2013

friday faves ~ summer reading

Hello friends ~ 
Around these parts the school year is coming to a close 
and for me that means sweet summer days are looming.
Summer days around our home are often full of lots of of books.
Weekly trips to the library, rainy afternoons curled up with a book.
All year i do my fair share of reading but it's the summer where i get to catch up 
on my stock pile of titles I've collected all year.

Here are a few on my bedside table waiting for the lazy days of summer

This is my favorite author, favorite, hands down love all her books.
Can't wait for it to his shelves June 2013. 
Have you read her stories? They are fabulous, set in the low country with colorful characters....
Such a treat when she releases a new book.

Haven't read this author before but since it is set in the Low Country of Sullivan's Island I am sold. 

Recommended by Oprah's book club and set in the 1920's this is right up my alley. 
Fiction that centers around a main character who is female and overcomes challenges typically 
peaks my interest... this looks awesome

Our small bible study community group has done 1 jennie allen study and this summer 
we are embarking on her second study. 
This book, written by jennie allen has been on my "to read" list for quite some time...
She is such a powerful author, really proving opportunities for deep thought and growth.
Can't recommend her work highly enough!

Have you seen this yet? Have you read this book yet? 
It is a pretty new release. 
I have read about this title around the blog world and so far the reviews are fabulous.
Can't wait to read this...

What are you reading this summer? 
Any good suggestions? 

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