Friday, May 24, 2013

friday faves

right now i am working on a post that will attempt to capture the pearl event, the triple strand.
however, life is happening right now and i can't give that post the attention it truly deserves. 
this weekend sweet friends, it will get done. honestly, i can't wait to share! 
in the mean time i do have a few friday fave pictures i just have to share.

this is thursday night, sibi took us to chuy's
this was new to my hubby and we and wow! 
it was amazing. loved this spot.
we snapped a quick picture after dinner. 
cherish, myself, sibi and cha cha

amanda pilkinton was my ticket giveaway winner,
however, miss amanda went and had herself a baby right before the event! 
so she treated her sweet momma and sister to the tickets.
girls, these ladies are precious! aren't they cute?
miss amanda, i sure did miss meeting you but i do hope our paths cross soon! 
enjoy that sweet baby and congratulations on such a sweet blessing!

the pearls! what else can i say? ofcourse it is on friday faves, they are pearls
you can never ever have enough.
you dont even want to know how many pieces of jewelry i had on that day that were pearls.
i had a license to wear it all, and wear it all i did! 
loved every minute and i might start doing it more often!

the programs were gorgeous, sibi has such an eye for these things. love her style! 

and this just sums it up girls, lots of hugging and squeeling and this my friends is the lovely woman behind Love Being a Nonny, Do you follow her? if not click on the link, hop on over and subscribe. I have read her for a while and it was such a pleasure meeting her. If we lived closer we'd hang out! She is a doll! 

some of the sweet women getting ready to start the afternoon sessions

and pink peonies, there were many of them and i just adore them...
peonies and pearls, really? does it get any better?

girls there is just so so much i want to share, and share i will.
enjoy this little sneek peek and be sure to come back next week for more on the pearl event. 

lots of love


  1. Love this!! I am eagerly awaiting the photographer's pictures! :) I can't believe it's already been a week since TPE. :( It went by too fast. Love and miss you!

  2. What a sweet post! You girls were amazing! Loved every minute of it!