Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mothers Day Weekend

by: inslee

Happy Mothers Day Weekend!

As we go into this weekend my wish for you is that you are with the ones your heart loves.
It may be your children or your own momma... it might even mean someone who is like a momma to you... 
sometimes God does that... and it is beautiful. Tell Him thank you for her.

To all the momma's out there please know you are dearly loved by your Heavenly Father.
Perfect in His eyes and He is there to hold your right hand through this season of life. 
There are nights that sleep evades, more laundry than can be done in a day and many hearts that needs love, guidance and soothing and of course the never ending "why" that comes all day especially as the momma of littles... it is exhausting work but precious needed work. He has called you to this. You were perfectly chosen for those children at this time. It was all part of His grand design. He knows what you face and He meets you there with the strength the knowledge and guidance for those sweet faces each day.

To my momma, you are a blessing. You a beautiful, strong, resilient Christian woman that I admire more each day. I am so grateful for you... there are just no words. 

If your mothers day is leaving you with a heart that aches for a baby to swaddle or the relationship with your own momma is less than what you imagined.... 
Please know, He knows, He hears the desires of your heart and He meets you there.
He loves you and wants to walk through this with you. 

Lots of love sweet friends!

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