Tuesday, May 7, 2013

why being empty isn't a bad thing

we don't often think that when were empty that in fact is the time we are most open for opportunity..
so many times when we find ourselves empty we find ourselves swimming in
despair, hopelessness, heartache or pain... 
we are a lot like these cracked and empty frames just waiting for an opportunity to be filled.

some may see these frames or themselves as tossed aside chipped, cracked or forgotten... 
finished, empty, nothing left to give and purpose, well the purpose is done. 

or is it? 
lately i have been digging down deep. 
a soul searching of sorts. 
and what i am coming to find is that when i am empty only then can i be open to the new things He has. 
only then can i be filled with Him. filled with His purpose instead of my own selfish desires. 

this life is so busy and so full and before we know it we are overflowing with obligations and commitments and "have to's" and "well i guess i should do this".... and eventually it overflows into an explosion. 
it happens ~ i promise. 
our lives can only hold so much. 
and you're left empty. 
you're left wondering what on earth are you even doing and how did it get to this point. 
maybe this is how it happened to you or maybe your empty came through another path,
a death, a divorce, finances, addiction, a closed door or job loss... 
the path to empty takes many forms. 
the way it feels is what binds us together. 
we all know what empty feels like. we've all been there... and if you haven't
well, you'll get there, any one who has circled the sun their fair share will tell you, life leaves bruises.

but you know what? 
there is such beauty in the empty.
it is in the empty that we are a blank canvas just waiting to be filled
waiting to be part of His great masterpiece... and there sweet friends is the sweet spot.
there is the beauty of life. 

until we empty ourselves of everything else we can't be what He has planned. 
spending time praying to be emptied of myself, my own ideas and desires.
praying to be filled with His love, grace and His purpose for me.
to be His hands and feet to the world. 
lordy moses, we all know the world needs more of Him and less of me anyways. 

so if you're here today and feeling less than, feeling empty and a little lost, 
celebrate sweet girl!
twirl and and sing
because you my dear, are at a place of great opportunity if you place your path in Him. 

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