Wednesday, May 29, 2013

sweet mason jar invites

As a lover of all things southern, food, culture, literature, travel, and just life
mason jars are no exception.
Growing up in a family where tradition was important and food was central to family gatherings
I can remember mason jars in my great grandmothers cabinets 
when I would visit on Saturday mornings with my Papa. 

Maybe that's why I love them so much, it brings me to a place in time with 2 people I wish I could 
have known and done life with as an adult.... as a momma. 

Our bible study community group is closing out our Spring Semester Study... 
I love these girls y'all. They are precious. They love well and laugh hard.
We've only been together about a year but the ties run deep 
and when one of us is in need you should see these girls rise up and love each other well.
They rally and support and love from the overflow of their hearts. 

So with the close of the semester I just had to honor them.
I want to love them well... so dinner at my house it is. 
This is where the mason jar invites come in. I found the template on line through pinterest and then 
used a program on my computer to format it to my needs. 
Y'all they turned out precious! 
What I have envisioned for this evening, well, I just hope it turns out half as well as I have
made it in my head... because these girls they just deserve it.

Take look at how cute they turned out...
Are these sweet or what?
Love love love them!
the information is all on the back and they are tied up
with lovely puffy bows!
The tablescape will follow suit....
this year my word of the year was "love"
I wanted to make a concerted effort to love those around me well...
Love out of the overflow of my heart with His love and His compassion...
Having the opportunity to be with these girls this year has been such a joy.

More pictures to come after our dinner next week!
In the meantime, love out of the overflow of your heart....

If you would like the template for the Mason Jar you can visit
Working on It Wednesday

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